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It's our last kudos before Mark is back! As of next week there will be 100% more kilts, spray tans, Irn Bru, and Serrels stares (almost a month here and I have not mastered it — no, I have not even attempted it — I am a failure). Anyway, let's kick this off so we can all start our weekend (and Logan can start working!).

Jamesmag (he was careful to remind me that he is JamesMAG, not JamesMAC, not JamesWHATEVER, just JamesMAG) nominated Batguy for "being a true bro and informing us of the two hot chicks he saw making out on the way to work" and for regularly supplying the community with the TABTOL.

Hmm. Okay.

Rocketman has also nominated Batguy for telling TAY about the "two hot lesbians" he saw making out. Rocketman also gives Batguy props for the TABTOL, "but mostly the lesbian story". A nom also goes to Blaghman for hosting Can'd meat this weekend!

Rocketman is also giving me a nom because I have not broken Kotaku yet (my words, not his :P).

Steve-O The Deve-O is throwing in a nom for Jamesmag for his excellent LoL play over the last two weeks. There's also a nom in there for Batguy for that hot chicks making out story.

I am noticing a trend here...

Anyway, this is long, so it's time for an intermission! Here is a photo I took when I was at Paris Disneyland last year. This is Warren Spector giving me (and other journalists) a tour of the place to show us the parts of Disneyland that inspired Epic Mickey. It was a cool event! But Disneyland creeps me out and I was clawing my way out of there as soon as they tried making us go on vomit-inducing rides.

Dear Chuloopa noms Sughly for his awesome return AND for drawing him a cartoon. Sughly, you are a talented man. Chuloopa also double noms Sughly (gosh, what is this DEVIOUS NONSENSE?) because: "I asked him if he could send me a high-res verison of his drawing, and he said he didn't have one, so he just redrew it just for me!" 'Loops is not putting that design on a shirt. Yeeeeah boi!

Strange is nomming Sughly in hope that he will draw me a picture (awww!), and Blaghman for hosting Can'd Meat tomorrow. "He has no idea what he's in for!" she says. Be afraid, Blaghmang, be very, very afraid.

Huntsman is nomming Trjn for his "Let's Play" videos and his contribution to TAY. Chuloopa also gets a nom for his contribution to TAY despite the loss of a family member. Man, that Chuloopa is a top guy. We wanna give him a nom, too! (I do realise that makes it sound like we want to bite a chunk out of him — I assure you we do not!).

I also get a nom from Huntsman for not breaking Kotaku, so yay!

Trjn noms Batguy NOT for the hot lesbian story but for giving him an Xbox Live code to one month's access to XBL Gold. A nom goes to Lady Strange for the same thing.

I also got this message just now from JamesMac: "Not a nomination per se... But if you could let it be known that, due to continued good behavior, I'm allowing Hinden Lagen to remove 'The Damned' suffix from his name." I don't really know what he's going on about, but I trust that this will make sense to some people.

Well, it was a good week of noms and a fantastic week on Kotaku! Going against my better judgement, I am declaring Batguy the winner of this week's Community Kudos, largely for being an awesome guy, secondly for bringing so much happiness to other readers by sharing that story. I expect there to be a hot story about two guys kissing on TAY next week.

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used above – you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    Congrats Batguy! Keep up the lesbian stories! They're awesome. And Steve-O, you made me laugh, but god damn you're a prick! :P

      Yes that deserves a round of applause Stevo, well done.

      Oh wow! Thanks for the noms everyone and for the kind words Tracey. *sniff* I wouldn't be here today without the support of two very special ladies. They know who they are (and unfortunately I don't)! My thanks go out to them for so many reasons.

      It's nice to know that I'm appreciated for the other things too - I help out when I have expertise or stuff to spare, and other times I benefit from it. Guess that's the point of a community!

      So enjoy your weekend everybody, and safe trip to all the can'd meaters. Looking forward to a tweet storm and a writeup next week.

      PS: smart phones really suck for writing sappy, drunken acceptance speeches.
      PPS: *high 5* o/

    Be afraid, Blaghmang, be very, very afraid.

      That was totally intentional, mang!

      Hahaha I saw that but chose not to say anything :P

      I'm glad I wasn't the only one to notice. Finally, some recognition in the kommunity!

      Tracey's actually thrown around the "mang" before so I guess there is some doubt benefitting, etc.

    Congrats one and all.

    Also, anyone else think Warren Spectre looks like a pedo Spielberg?

      You can't say things like that! (He is really lovely! (Although he does look a lot like Spielberg.))

      Spielburg looks like a pedo Spielburg.

    but.. but who will deliver to sughly?!?!


    Congrats batguy!!!! :D

      Doesn't Sughly self-deliver?

        Dude.. that's so filthy - wash your mind out with soap.

          Super true story. I was at TAFE in like '96 doing science lab techniques course and there was soap that specifically stated that it must come in contact with the brain. Exactly like that.

          It's freaking hand soap?????

          So I guess my point is do as loops says, but read the label.

    "today we ate a giant chocolate frog and now we're all really fat"
    lolwut?? :P
    Congrats Batguy :D
    And Sughly, you need to start making t-shirts :)
    Or at least make more designs for chuloopa to blatantly steal and make money from :P

      Angus from Lifehacker got this gift chocolate that was a huge frog so we ate it all. *shame*

    Congrats batguy. Who could top the story. Always a good bloke round here so great work man.

    JamesWHATEVER!!! :(
    Everyone went a bit nom crazy this week by the looks. Guess that's what happens when everybody is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Words can not express the insanity of my gelatinous dessert of all you guys going to Can'd Meat.
    Great weekend to all.

      Sorry jamesmacusedmyhandle. :P

      It's okay JM2, I'll join you here in the group of people whose names have been RUINED FOREVER by a certain female editor. *Glares in Tracey's direction before breaking down and crying*

        Consider it an evolution! Blaghman has evolved! The next stage of evolution is Blaghmangers.

    Congrats Batguy, here's hoping you told your wife about the incident prior to now. :P

      I sent her the link as soon as everybody's responses reduced me to giggles in the office. Her response was much the same as Strange's - eye rolls.

    Congrats Batguy!

    Also: "I expect there to be a hot story about two guys kissing on TAY next week."

    Darn right.

      If I see it, you will hear about it, I swear. I will be super vigilant!

    TABTOL? I've been calling it TAYBOL this whole time. You know, because this is TAY and it's a table. I'm going to keep calling it TAYBOL.

      Qumulys coined the term - I think it was "the awesome Batguy table of legends" or similar. I liked the acronym and adopted it.

    Congratulations Batguy!

    I love that the \o/ tag reveals all of Tracey's Kudos articles.

    Be extremely busy all week.
    Miss Batguy's lesbian story.
    mfw I missed that story: :(

    I nominate Tracey for being a sterlingly awesomely editor in mark's absence! d(^_^o)

    Wait, it's a bit late for that now. Oh wells.

    \o/ for everyone!

      I think her most momentous mark on this site will be the creation of the "\o/" tag.

      Bless your dear heart, Tracey, you've made some of us so very happy.

        momentous mark on this site


        And I agree. The \o/ tag is truly magnificent.

          It's magic, too!


    Congrats Batguy.

    I just realised that I forgot to nominate the Lame Game Marathon guys for the Lame Game Marathon. Seriously, that was an awesome effort.

    Man, I should actually get off my arse and actually nom somebody next week, all I do is read TAY and post the occasional comment, like this one:

      You should nom me.

      For umm... Uhhh...

      OK, I got nothing.

        I nominate Blaghmang for levelling up from Blaghman.

    Well then NO DRAWING FOR TRACEY! *folds arms, pouts, kicks can and stands in a corner facing the wall*


    I mean ah yeah, *ahem* congrats Batguy! Woo! Woo...

      Jokes! I tote did one anyways, caus thats just the kind of guy I am.

        OMG! That is amazing! For you, dear Sughly, I gift you with flowers. <3

        Sughly, delivering as always.

    Always wondered how you nominate someone for this! now I get it :D

    Hinden's away til Wenesday, but I'll let him know about his un-damned-ness.

    Congrats Batguy! The story was not deserving of Kudos, but you definitely are. :D

    And yay, Sughly drew Tracey a picture! I knew you'd deliver!

    And James Mac, you're awesome. I was wondering if poor Hinden Lagen would ever be able to undamn himself.

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