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First (half) week back, and it was a huge one. Welcome to Community Kudos!

Man, the past two days - I don't know where to start. Actually I do - I'll start by talking about Tracey.

I knew Tracey would do a good job when I asked her to cover for me, whilst I went gallivanting around the motherland. I knew she would create great content, but I wasn't prepared for just how well she would get on with the awesome tight knit community we have here.

That's the major reason why we've decided to keep her on permanently!

In fact, Tracey was nominated by so many of you guys for the great job she did. Batguy, Dr What, and JamesMac all sent in nominations for the Trace-face - but now she is an employee of Allure, she can't win!


Now I'd like to break up proceedings with a parade of Irn Bru photos, lovingly provided by Dr What, who went on an Irn Bru hunt throughout Sydney over the past couple of days to prove that, yes, the Bru can be seen and purchased in Australia.

Alright, now that's out of the way...

Both JamesMag and Steve-O nominated Chuloopa for his awesome Chainsword cake (and I'd also like to thank him for referencing my good self on said cake). Steve-O also gave honorable mentions to Rocketman on the condition that he RETURN TO TAY and Bish for a job well done - whatever that means ;).

Virus__ went on a pilgrimage in order to find my email, just so he could nominate Cakesmith for giving him RIFT over steam - but also wanted to give everyone a shout out for making him feel welcome on TAY.

Lucifer9783 nominated Grandmaster B-Funk in a deliciously formal manner...

Mr. Mark Serrels,

I would like to formally nominate Grandmaster B-Funk, for multiple reasons this week, 1. He Reminded me that I should watch The Dissaperence Of Haruhi Suzumiya 2. He told a funny story about his "Friends" (whatever those things are) and the validity of FIFA 12 as a game Thank you very much,


I would now like to break up proceedings once more with a pic so manly my hippocampus is growing a beard just remembering it.

Yes - that is both FatShady and myself, shaking hands. Remind you of anything?

Okay... fan yourself ladies and we can get back on track!

SHANE nominated JamesMac for giving games away again. The Mac man also received a nom from Aidan for the same reason! Dr What nominated pretty much everyone that went to the Canberra meat (and Tracey) and I totally can't bothered listing them all (oh, all right I will: Anonymous Pessimist, Shiggy Ninty, Blaghman).

Also I received this from Hugo the Barbarian...

I, Hugo the Hungarian Barbarian, along with my stalwart companion Clubby the Clubbing Club, would like to nominate The Cracks for community Kudos, due to the fact he has gifted us with a Baird skin. Multiplayer skin that is, not the stripped off a human carcass types of skin. That would be bad. and gross. and possible illegal.


Be right back, just stopping for a Pepsi Max break.

And I'm back!

Alright - this weeks winner is a shoe-in. I don't think it was ever in any doubt.

He recieved noms from Batguy, Rocketman, SHANE, and Dr What - making him perhaps the most nominated TAYby in history - so congratulations to Blaghman, for hosting the Canberra Meat. Great job man - you are an institution!

Oh, and I totally forgot - Blaghman had a few shout outs of his own...

So, I'd like to nominate Dr. What?, ShiggyNinty and Bish for their help during the Can'd Meat. Shiggy and What? cooked some amazing food for everyone's enjoyment, as well as providing people with sources of entertainment, and Bish did a massive amount of cleaning while he wasn't watching people sleep, which made my life way easier. If at all possible, I'd also like to include a shout-out to everyone who turned up, as they all made up for my lack of preparation by being excellent, particularly Rocketman, who came down from North Queensland, BDKIAF who picked him up from the airport, and Anonymous Pessimist who dropped him back off(as well as driving people down from Sydney, which Shiggy also did).

Alright guys, I'm off - have a great weekend!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used above – you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    Congratulations Blaghs! You deserve it! Sounds like it was the most fun meat by far. Very jealous I didn't get to go. And congratulations to everyone else that got nominated :D

    Thanks guys, I'm glad you had enough fun to nominate me, and Mark, why didn't you feel the need to include my nominations / shoutouts to people? I just wanted them all to know that I cared, and you ignored it! You even replied!

    Anyway, that's enough about me, let's talk about me. And the fact that I love that \o/ has stayed on.

      Congratulations Blaghman!

      Thanks for the Nom!

      Nice work Blaghs! Well deserved!
      Devastated that I missed out on the Meat.

    Congrats Blaghsies!

    Congrats Blaghman :D
    Also, next week marks the beginning of 7:30 TAYs for us Qlders :D

    Haha, it was a pilgrimage to find that email, Mark! I was mostly too lazy to sift through TAY to find it, Blags answered my call at like 11 last night for it though! Was about the same time I tweeted you lol.

      I have nothing better to do with my time...

        Sounds like me :D

    ♫Made in Scotland, from girders!
    Unpronouncable too!
    Made in Scotland, from girders!
    And it's called Barrs... Irn-Bru?♫

    TRACEY STOLE MY JOKE! (In the tags: "What's Up?" "The Ceiling")

    I've said that to Ben every morning since I arrived!!!

    I'll have to have a stern word with her on Wednesday!

    Joke theives are not accepted! :(


    Woo! Congrats Blagh! Yaya for everyone! WOO YAY WOO!

    Congrats blaghs and everyone else. I did give a non of sorts thus week for anon pez. He was awesome in offering to record done stuff for Me. I didn't end up needing it but appreciated the offer all the same. Cheers.

    Yay Blaghman!!!!! Gotta love these end of week wrap ups ;)
    Keep up the good work peeps!

    My original post got eaten when Kudos disappeared. :(
    It was epic.
    It was amazing.
    Sughly would have been compelled to illustrate it.
    Loops would have never written another KC out of fear of its glory.
    Like seriously, you guys would have read it and been all like "PlainWHO!!!! We have a new Kotaku Laureate"
    True Story :)
    So to re-write

    Blaghman is awesome and the rest of you are all pretty cool too.

    Congrats guys!

    I'm hoping to start commenting more :D

    daaaaaaaw numbers you old softy :)

    and yeah, GO TEAM!
    and also, Tracey got hired? what is she doing?

      don't worry, i found the post through the steve holt "\o/" tag :P

        I will no longer see that emoticon as anyone other than STEVE HOLT now.

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