Congratulations! Here Are The RAGE Winners!

A few weeks ago we ran this Rage competition to give Kotaku readers a chance to check out the game early at an undisclosed location in Sydney. After trawling through all the entries, we've finally narrowed it down to our twelve winners!

We will be in touch with the winners over the next few days with information about the event such as time, date, location, and what kind of pretty dresses you will have to wear to be allowed entry any other relevant details. You will need to attend the event to claim your prize.

Below are the 12 winning comics.





Justin Robson




Samuel Webster



Dr. What? — You're also a winner! but for some reason your image didn't display when we went to save — must be some problem with Photobucket.

A huge round of applause for these competition winners. We'll be emailing you shortly with details on your prize. Thank you everyone for entering!




      Tad why were you not at work today? You think that because you've won the Sugar Network's Emmy sweeps you're better than the rest of us now? Eh? EH?

      Ps. You got 5/10. I think I got 0/10, lol.

        What's that? Tad's buying lunch? Niiice ;)

        Grats to all the RAGE winners -- these were a blast to go through.

        See you at the event.


    Well, I guess ShiggyNinty is going to be surprised with the win.

    I'm raging that only one of these strips has anything to do with the PC version. Seriously... new graphical bench mark, and everyone plays the console version?

      New graphical benchmark for consoles maybe, have you seen Witcher 2?

        Don't know where you get your count from. I count three comics that are console related, and two comics that are about the PC version. The rest are rather generic.

    Yay. Yay. Yay. So freaking awesome. Can't wait for this event. Really wanted this one cause it sounds like fun. Congrats to everyone else.

    congrats guys! some epic entries there! so wish there was any point for me to enter this one.. i had some awesome ideas ;)


    Thanks so much Tracey (and everyone else involved). I can't wait for this!!

    This is the first time I have won anything...ever...period.

    Well better get in shape *picks up controller*

    (disclaimer: I live in Melbourne so I need to make some arrangements so I can get up there. If it's not possible some lucky girl or guy may have to take my spot)

      Give it to Batguy if you cant make it. He has a contract you know. lol.

        I'll either be home minding the baby or going on CookingMama's behalf, so that contract is now no longer binding. Please find somebody else!

        I am disappointed in the number of you who went ahead and won ahead of me anyway, though ;)

      If you can't make it I'll happily fill in at the event for you if you'd like. But keep the voucher, you did win!

    My wife won but I didn't? FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU...

    Well done to everybody else though. Funny stuff!

    congrats all to winners, shotgun unclaimed jb hifi vouchers! ;-D

    Well done guys and gals hope you all have FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUN!


    Those were excellent!

    Well done peeps.

    Yup big grats to the winners.

    They where all really well done :)

    Hey congrats everyone! Can't wait! Hope I can make it up there otherwise there'll be a random giveaway in a random comment thread. :)

    Thanks everyone, wow! It's great to hear I won this hilarious competition, but I'm over here in Perth and it turns out I won't be able to make the event. Is it possible if the next runner up could take my place at the event?

    I would greatly appreciate it if whoever takes my place, shares half the JB card with me (Star Fox 64 3D is on my mind). Have a great time at the event! I'm sad I can't make the flight, but feel great if someone else can enjoy the preview for me.

    I'd like to know how it turned out guys, once you've been so post it up here, I'm looking forward to Rage! Cheers Kotaku anyway, this is my first ever competition I've won where prizes are $100+ so I'm happy.

      Brendo, I would happily act as your proxy. You can have the whole gift card if you like. I'd just be stoked to make the event.

        Thanks Lobo, after seeing your entry my eyes almost popped out like a rage comic character. Is that your real stack of games? Awesome!

        I'll send an email to Kotaku and see if you can make the event for me (I'm quite bummed I can't make it, but with a stack of games like that - you do like your games, so you'll get more out of it!)

        P.S - I could help out with that pile of shame XD

          Brendo, I love you.

            Riiiight, take it easy on the praise there lol XD. Anyway, I've sent an email over to Kotaku and suggested you head to the event instead. Congrats to the rest of the winners!

              Alrighty, it's all set dude, thanks again - I'm so glad I could pass it on to someone who'll really enjoy it! Thanks for your suggestion I keep the JB gift card. I'll have to swap emails and postage info to organise it(rolling over the link on my Kotaku name reveals my email address).

              Cheers, have a good one & enjoy the event!

    Top work all around from everyone I say.

    Well done on the wins those that got them.

    These made me laugh heartily. Congratulations to all the winners!

    Wow, thanks all:) did not expect to win this, there were a tonne of great ones i didn't think i stood a chance. Will be great getting to play this, i don't think online vids do it justice

    Thank you so much. Very excited to get the details!

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