Congratulations On Your New Game! Please Don't Play It.

Reddit user jinoxide lucked out and got his mail-order copy of Gears of War 3 a little early. Perhaps to cover their asses - or perhaps just sensing we need to start the working week with a chuckle - GameStop included a friendly little message.

I guess they expect me to organise my own midnight launch party... [Reddit]


    There was a Guitar Hero or Rockband game where you're greeted with a congratulations message if you managed to play the game before the release date.

    When Halo 3 was released I was working at a game store and it arrived a couple of days before the official release.
    It had a sticker which stated if we distributed it before the official release the supplier would cut us off.
    I still played and finished it before the release day, but none were sold.

      Simmer down, Danny Ocean...

      Same for Forza 3 - got it 2 days early with the little Microsoft sticker, followed a couple of hours later by a phone call from the retailer I bought it from (internet pre order) begging me not to play it until the release date.

    Actually, I remember during Halo 2 when they released the map pack Australia got it like, 2-4 weeks before it was available everywhere. Americans started freaking out and listing the rules that no Australian was allowed to play the expansion, otherwise they will be permabanned from Xbox LIVE forever. Bungie actually had to create a news update that nobody would be banned for playing multiplayer maps before everyone else.


      that sounds hilarious, must look into it XD

    This is freakin' ridiculous.

    They can't stop you from disconnecting the Internet.


    Still, that's a whole heap better than delaying the sendout to ensure you don't get it until release.

      Or worse, after release.

    There is a message saying congrats for getting it early if you play now. You can play it without fear.

    Gears 3 came into stock at my work on friday and it is just there, my console and limited edition....just sitting there

    Apparently playing it early can screw up some of your unlocks though.

    Pretty stupid really, but guess at least its a worldwide release date, i'll take what i can get :P

      The title update that addressed that problem went live several days ago, you risk nothing by playing it early.

    I remember getting my copy of Bioshock 3 days early but it didnt have a sticker of any sort. I didnt even realise it was early till a mate on Xbox live started telling me that I had gotten it early. checked online for a release date and I had indeed received it early :)

      WOW!Thats awesome!
      Most of us have to wait until next year to play it!

        Yeah, I read it like that to. But then I re-read it properly.

      Got my copy of Bioshock early too, but thanks to having the PC version (I preordered the collector's edition but my stupid supplier waited until 11th hour to order it) but due to online activation I COULDN'T play it until midnight of the official release date. Actually, it wasn't until midnight in the US, now that I think about it.
      Thanks a lot, DRM!

        you got to play it at midnight once it 'released'? O.o

        I thought the nature of these activation systems meant that best case scenario was usually a few days after, because everyone trying to activate at once always totaled the servers!

      I remember getting my copy of Bioshock 4

    I've got my copy of Gears 3! Installing now and will be playing in a few mins. :)

    Play it. No one can stop you. If they do, you should bite back with a lawsuit or something!

    Stores can run into problems with devs/publishes for releasing games to the public early, can't they?

      Yeah, pretty much this. If Microsoft was to find out that a stack of customers were playing their game before release they could make life harder for those stores (limited stock, late shipping etc. etc.).

      To be honest though, the only way they'd find out is if you're going online with it. But they shouldn't do anything to you though and it'd be the retailer that'd cop it.

    anyone crack the street release in Brisbane? I tried a few times today, not even Kmart lol

    - WHAT THE EFF?!?!?!? If I got my game early that sucker would be in my console under 10 seconds.

    The game even congratulated me for playing early! :)

    The best one I had was walking into my local game and seeing Mass Effect on the shelf nearly a week early. The guy working there had been playing his copy for 2 days prior to that.

    Playing a game before release raises a flag at Microsoft that you are a potential pirate. I guess you can unplug the xbox from the net, but it flags your gamertag as playing it pre release, so you need to wind the forward as well. I wouldn't risk it if it was me, it's only a few hours wait anyway.

      They won't ban you for playing even a week early. The only time you would get banned would be if the games have not been shipped to retailers.

    I remember getting ODST about 4 days before it came out, and I disconnected my Xbox from the internet. I kept myself busy for those few days until it's release by finishing single player on legendary and playing some single player firefight. It was the least I could do for my local store that always looks after me and gives me games early.

    Guess it depends on who you get it from - I was more inclined to look after these guys, and because they knew I did these sorts of things, they always gave me games early. Pretty sweet deal, really.

    There should be no flagging and/or invasive subterfuge coming your way for playing a game while connected to the net, that is not acceptable in our world, law should be in place to block developers from creating and using a piece of code to forcefully sever gameplay until you do what they say or want.

    The same applies to, let's say, incompetent developers of programs where if a new version comes out, the program detects it by itself and disables itself until you 'update', not cool.

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