Create Your Own Dragon Ball Z Character That Looks Like Every Other Dragon Ball Z Character

Create Your Own Dragon Ball Z Character That Looks Like Every Other Dragon Ball Z Character

For the first time in any Dragon Ball franchise game, Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi lets players build their own custom fighters to battle online and off, proving once and for all that every Akira Toriyama character is the same guy with different hair and accessories.

This is why I could never get into Dragon Ball (and I’ve tried on multiple occasions). I can’t keep track of who is who. I watch this trailer for the character creation feature coming in the latest PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 instalment of the fighting franchise on October 25, and I can’t tell what character is made custom and which is part of series history.

They all look the same to me. Oh my god, I’m a Dragon Ball Z racist.


  • I remember when Budokai 3 came out, it was pretty much the first DBZ game released in the west with good reviews, I was HYPED! I bought the game, and it did not disappoint, so bloody awesome, especially when playing with friends.

    Then Budokai Tenkaichi came out, and that’s a whole different type of awesome! Once you’ve learnt the controls, it was incredibly fun to fly around in the different environments and blasting sh!t up!

    Those two games have filled my void for DBZ destruction in video game form, so unfortunately (fortunately?) I haven’t felt the need to play any DBZ related game since.

  • Oh God. . . Custom Created characters you can play online with. . .

    give it three months and the only character you’ll fight against online will be Sephiroth as invisioned by Akira Toriyama. . .

  • Online play is gonna be awesome! Player 1 will hold down L1 to power up. Player 2 will hold down L1 to power up.
    …Player 1 still holds down to power up. Player 2 holds down to power up.
    …Player 1 keeps powering up. Player 2 doesn’t want to fall behind and keeps powering up.

    Round 1 ends, we move onto the next episo- I meant next round. Where we start with Player 1 and 2 powering up!

  • Try watching the sagas consecutively, less confusing.

    DBZ3 wii ftw, fun, easy to learn controls, had pretty much every char, transformations, fusions, and you could blow up the whole level.

    most fun was the wiimote drumming battles for the beam fights and melee exchanges.

  • Changing the color of your characters hair is not “create you own character”.
    Customization sure, but it’s not any shade of awesome.

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