Dark Souls Made Even Harder By Online Freezing

Dark Souls, the spiritual successor to bastard hard Demon's Souls, was released today in Japan. There are reports of it selling out at select shops. There are also reports of game-killing bugs.

For some gamer, during online play the game either won't progress from the main screen or freezes up.

From Software, the game's developer, is aware of these bugs and is working hard to correct them. A fix is dependent on how soon From Software is able to locate the cause of these two bugs.

Dark Souls will be released in early October in the West. Ideally, From Software would have these bugs sorted by then. Those who snag the game early, watch out: the bad guys are made incredibly punishing for those who play pre-launch. Once the game launches, they're simply punishing.

DARK SOULS オンラインプレイ中に発生している不具合について [ダークソウル]


    Well, Demon's Souls had similar problems. Thing is that they were all fixed by the time the western release came out, so we never saw them.

      I think the Western (US) release was considerably later than Japan in the case of Demon's Souls, though. And MUCH later in the case of the PAL release.

      Speaking of which, do Atlus run the PAL servers for Demon's Souls? I think it was published here by Namco(?), so I'm wondering if when Atlus finally shut down their servers will that impact owners of the PAL version? Seems a bit harsh considering they got it so much later than those of us who bought the US version. I guess the assumption will probably be that most of them will shift over to Dark Souls when that comes out.

    Yeah, that's what I meant.

    And no, it's Bamco in charge of that. They've given no word on the PAL servers going down yet, so I'd say there's still a fair deal of life in them.

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