Daytona USA May Be Coming To A Console Near You (Again)

What's this?! A new rating for a Daytona USA video game? What could it mean?! If we're venturing guesses, we'll go with Sega reviving the classic arcade racer for an Xbox Live Arcade and/or PlayStation Network re-release.

But that's just an educated guess, based on the fact that Sega has already released games like Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi through Microsoft and Sony's respective digital distribution stores. An HD console release of Daytona USA, which is what we're inferring from a recent Australian classification board listing spotted by XBLA Fans, would certainly be welcome.

It's as good a candidate for an XBLA/PSN release as any in Sega's back catalogue. The classic arcade racer has received multiple ports, including one for Windows PCs and one for the Sega Dreamcast.

We're checking in with Sega to see if they'd like to clear this one up.

Daytona USA [OFLC via XBLA Fans]


    As much I luv Daytona, unless you play it with a wheel its boring as f**k. The Saturn & Dreamcast versions were incredibly dull imo

      Agreed. I felt the Dreamcast version was missing something. It was just not fun (& I have the wheel!) Here's hoping this is a return to form.

        Never played it but I'll hazard a guess it missing Right Turns.

          Na, it's got both types of turns. Youtube it up!

          This is Daytona.. no wait need to say that right..


          Not Nascar =P

        agree! I loved the arcade cab and would really like an arcade perfect version of the original included -the home versions have so far been crap. And it must have a local multiplyar option, split screen will do, but multiple tv support would be awesome!

    That would be awesome to get it on PSN. Hopefully they'll eventually do the original Sega Rally as well.

    daytona on dreamcast was close to arcade perfect, with a force feedback wheel of course!
    SEGA need to get real though and release SCUD RACE NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW

    As SemiConscious said... DAYTONAAAAAA!

    In any case, I enjoyed the CCE edition on the Saturn - had a few tracks (well, five I think) and I felt it controlled much better than the original USA.

    Didn't Sega lose the license though for doing NASCAR/Daytona stuff?

      hmmm thought that was ferrari stuff?

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