Dead Island Devs Push Back DLC To Focus On Bug Squashing

Dead Island's expansion packs, both announced and not, may be hitting later than planned as developers refocus their energy on fixing the game, Deep Silver tells Kotaku.

"Right now the Dead Island development team's priority is working on fixes and updates across all platforms so that we can take care of all of the fans who have been so supportive of our game," a spokesperson said "There is some awesome DLC content planned for Dead Island, but first we have to put all our focus on the base game experience."

Techland released a new version of the computer game and a patch last week to deal with some pretty serious issues. Earlier this week the developer released a patch for the Xbox 360 version of the game. The team is currently working on a PS3 patch. All three patches are meant to fix multiplayer connectivity issues, autosave issues, and a bunch of other minor problems.

The team doesn't have a firm release date for the PS3 patch, but are working to get it done as soon as possible, we were told.

While Dead Island has some major, teeth-gnashing bugs, some of the oddities people run into seem to be more along the lines of the craziness occasionally spotted in Kotaku fave Red Dead Redemption. Personally, I love the game. I'll be writing up my review this week.

In the meantime, do you have any favourite bugs? We'd love to see them in comments.


    Although not a fan of the release now, patch later policy that more and more games are becoming.

    I must commend them of altering their plans to fix the game before releasing DLC. They could have easily released a general fix patch and move on.

    Overall I think they will get more DLC sales in the end because they are at least trying to resolve the problems for the community.

      Yeah it's not an ideal situation, but its the correct response. Some companies just don't even bother.

    I think you'll find the pushed back the DLC because it would have caused more problems.

    Would have been a lot smarter to push the full game back, rather then releasing it the way it is. Its honestly like they just did not test it at all

    Still a fun game though, just a bit too rushed

    I acquired the "Devastator" quest but when I load my game, it puts me at the hotel yet there's a 15 second timer telling me to get back in the vehicle which is all the way at the Lifeguard Tower. "Quest Failed" after the timer runs my lvl 30 is just stuck in limbo.

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