Demon's Souls Servers Given Stay Of Execution

Last we heard, From Software's Demon's Souls, the PlayStation 3 role-playing game with incredibly innovative online features, would keep its North American servers going until at least October 6, 2011, the game's second birthday. Today, publisher Atlus says it plans to keep the Demon's Souls online party goin' into next year.

"While it comes at significant cost to us and although it has been over two years since the game revolutionised the notion of multiplayer and online functionality in an RPG," said Atlus' PR man Aram Jabbari, "Our commitment to the game and the fans that turned it into an incredible success remains as strong as ever. While the reality is that one day the servers will ultimately close due to operation and maintenance costs, that day is not today, nor will it be this year."

Demon's Souls network component lets players leave messages for their fellow adventurers, replay the deaths of others, and invade the online worlds of other players, either cooperating with them or battling against them.

The game's spiritual successor, Dark Souls, comes to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in North American on October 4. If you're looking for an introduction to From Software's brand of challenging sword and sorcery, Demon's Souls is a great place to start. In fact, I'd highly recommend that Dark Souls players brush up on their Demon's Souls. You're going to need the practice. Trust me.


    I'd rather they take the servers down so that they can unlock the bloody save files. :/

    Does anyone know if Dark Souls save files are locked on the PS3?

      probably wouldn't change a thing if they took down the servers in regards to locked saves; it has to be patched to unlock saves

      similar to motorstorm pacific rift how it used to have locked saves before they provided an update that unlocked it.

        I know, but taking down the servers provides incentive. The reason for locking the saves was to prevent duping and exploits online. With the online component taken out of the equasion, From might be more likely to unlock the saves.

    This is great news. I just picked up Demon's Souls last week for $30.

    :D !! Happy Happy Joy Joy

    Sorry, my enthusiasm kinda slipped out there. *ahem*...

    Well that's rather lovely news, I do declare.

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