Deus Ex: Human Revolution Ships 2 Million Copies

It's been out for less than a month but Deus Ex: Human Revolution has already shipped two million units in North America, Europe, and PAL territories.

While these figures are still dwarfed by those that were set by recent hits like Call of Duty: Black Ops, it still places Deus Ex in a fantastic position.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - The Missing Link (DLC) will be available in October this year.


    Shouldn't the title be that Deus ex ships 2 million.

      That's what I thought. 2 mill shipped not sold.


          Thank you!

    At a cost of $20m - $35m, that means we should see Deus Ex the Fourth :)

    what about Space Marine? :P

    Adam Jensen, 2 million and two delivered.

    Awesome numbers and deserving of every one.

      It's two million shipped not sold and even two million sold would barely be above average for a AAA title.

        Yeah, but it had a significantly smaller budget than other AAA releases, so it represents a good ROI.

          What was it's budget?

            Whoops - I thought the budget was 15mil for some reason, but when I looked it up, I can find a firm figure - but probably closer to 35mil (the average is apparently 28mil). One guy on IGn swore the budget was 60k lol.

              Yeah I saw the 60k figure earlier and lol'ed as well. Around the 30 mill mark is quite a solid budget especially if that was just the game and didn't include advertising. I wish videogame budget details were easier to find, always makes for interesting reading.

        Its still good figures for a game that dares to be something other than a Call Of Duty or Gears Of War clone and occasionally require some sort of thought to progress.

        Don't forget that Steam sales aren't included in that. I'll bet you a pint it sold a million copies on Steam.

          I reckon that bet would be my easiest win since some guy bet me $50 the word "indubitably" doesn't exist. Shame Valve don't release sales figures though :P

          Yeah, everybody on my steam list has been playing it.

            You have a million people on your steam list?

            Only myself and one other person on my Steam list have been playing it. What's your point?

    Don't care how many went out. Just glad I've got mine and I'm loving every minute of it.

      I feel the same, although it's good to see the game is popular as this should mean some good post-sale support.

      Sad when a good game doesn't get any love so they stop patching or adding to it. Good sales also encourage a sequel down the track.

    I accidentally bought a copy of the Augmented Edition off eBay the other day, so now I get to look forward to playing it.

      You have the best accidents!

        My accidents are the reason I wear black pants.

          That sounds like a slogan for a tampon ad haha

    I think the only reason why this game has become so popular since its release is because there hasn't been any other decent games released in the last two months, at least not of the same genre.

    I'm sure that if Assassins Creed or Battlefield were released around the same time, the sales of dues ex would be no where near as big!

    In saying that, I am eagerly awaiting my copy of Dues Ex, can't wait to play it!

      Maybe, but then as someone who despises Assassin's Creed and isn't really into Battlefield (not knocking it in anyway) it certainly wouldn't have made a difference for me. Only game I've been looking forward to more than Human Revolution in the last 3 years is Guild Wars 2.

    Well deserved and can't wait for DLC. SP gaming is not dead!

    I can't believe how closely it parallels RL conspiracies. It's scary.

    Makes for a good game. Really draws you in.

    Great themes as to whether conspiracies are actually a bad thing or in our best interests.

    Great game too.

    Wish more games would push the boundaries without fear of stepping on any toes.

    Very pleased with this. I hope they make a bunch more.

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