Deus Ex Still Respects The Tradition Of A Good Haymaker

Deus Ex: Human Revolution promotes stealth and tactical combat the majority of the time. The boss fights, though, pit you against super-tough foes in a small arena. So what's a player to do? This video demonstrates one of the more... succinct tactics available to make quick work of boss Namir.


    Uh what? I thought bosses are immune to takedowns in GMDE difficulty

    Even on normal mode they wore immune (belive me i tried them at first till i learnt the fights)

    how they do that? maybe its because he was still in the air or teleporting? some sort of glitch perhaps, He was prob the easiest boss anyway, 2 Harpoons or whatever those spinning shockwaves were called.

    I don't think "magical rainbow unicorn fairy mode" and "super-tough" go together. That's an oxymoron bro.

    namir was easy. i just pumped him full of grenades with the grenade launcher. was 4 or 5 in a row and he was dead before he could even move.

      Same here. Was the easiest boss by far.

    I found the laser rifle in one of the draws and blasted him with that.

    Also, where was the plasma lance or whatever it was called, i found plenty of ammo for it but never the weapon.

      Namir was holding one...

    Being a stealthy hacker with almost no weapons in my inventory I was out of my league for this fight. I reloaded and grabbed a large long create from the outdoor area before hand a brought it with me. I threw it out the elevator then started the cutscene, then when the fight began I just had to throw it at Namir and shoot him with the one lethal weapon I had repeatedly. It worked well.

    It's a glitch caused by him being in midair. One of the many exploits that make the bosses stupid easy to take down once you know how to do them.

    There's a good one with Federova where if you hide behind the walls closest to the edge whilst she runs through the centre of the room she'll stop dead in her tracks, decloak and not move or react to attacks if you stay out of her line of sight.

    I put a hacked turret on a small cardboard box with the tip of the turret clipping through the door(which closes during the boss fight) and it made quick work of the first boss!

    Anyone else think the music here sounds like it's from Metal Gear Solid?

    Four frag grenades took Namir down for me- by the time he'd recovered from the first I'd already thrown the second and so on...

    Interesting exploit though- I'll use that for my pacifist run!

      A better option that works on all the bosses is stungun spam. You just have to hit them once and you can basically call it a win because you reload it faster than they recover and 20 shots or so takes them down.

    An exploit, but still!

    (and I can't believe anyone hasn't said this yet)


    I invested heavily in stealth and hacking too, but found at the end I had 3 Praxis left. Trick was to hack absolutely everything! Btw, also invested in upgraded armor including emp protection :) Was able to typhoon namir and finish him off with the assault rifle!

    Boss fights were easy as soon as you started using your brain. Seriously, two words, fragmentation mine. If you really want to make the last boss a joke. Laser Rifle through the shield.

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