Do You Like Darksiders Enough To Spend $500 On This Statue?

Remember that Darksiders statue that was first unveiled all the way back in July 2010? It's finally finished and ready to ship. In Q4 2011.

For fans of the game (rich fans, at least), it looks to be worth the wait, both War and his trusty steed Ruin looking great, especially with all those badass fire effects going on.

It's $US500, though, so you've got to love Darksiders a lot to pick one up.


    I would if I had the moolah lying around.

    It's $249US...

    The horse and sword are great; wish we could say the same for War's face...

    I was about to buy this statue, but I saw it was 500 bucks and my girlfriend was like no way.

      Places like Sideshow have it for $249...

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