Does The Most Wanted Game Of Holiday 2011 Surprise You?

Nielsen, the market research people, has a list of the top 20 games that are the most anticipated titles of 2011's holiday season.

According to this consumer tracking survey, the top 20 games consist of titles going on sale between August and November for the PS3, Xbox 360, and the Wii.

Nielsen interviewed 5000 gamers for its Video Game Tracking via online survey. What's more, 417,433,251 online conversations were monitored.

Number one with a bullet is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Know that "Per Cent Choosing as Top 5" refers to the percentage of times that the game made gamers' list of top five games they wanted to buy.

Also, the "Key Elements of Online Conversations" shows the buzz around the game.

The full list of 20 games is viewable in the link below.

Top 20 Games [Nielsen Wire]


    Seriously? How can Skyrim NOT be there!?!?

      Because maddern is up there, kinda shows the audience they asked about this.

      because they were asking Xplay fans

    Obviously 5000 Call of Duty spammers...

    I'm sorry, what? 400 million online conversations were "monitored"? Breach of privacy anyone? What conversations, where, held using what software, and by whom? How can we guarantee the accuracy of data mined from conversations? People might have been saying "Gods I hate Call of Duty!" which might have been picked up as a mention. I call flawed and/or unethical.

      lol unethical. Oh no they're taking into account my public opinions on a public forum.

    Were the interviewees 12 year old girls? 'Just Dance 3'


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