Don't Expect Blizzard's New MMO At BlizzCon

As World of Warcraft begins its slow, inevitable decline, people will want to hear more about the company's next big MMO. People might be hoping that this project, code-named Titan, will be spoken about at this year's BlizzCon.

Those people will be disappointed.

A Blizzard representative has told IGN that the company's "'unannounced MMO' will not be talked about at this year's BlizzCon".

So to be clear, any unannounced first-person shooters, driving games and platformers are totally fair game. Just not Titan. That's going to have to wait for another day in another year. Dig?

BlizzCon 2011 will be held on October 21-22 in Anaheim.

Report: Blizzard to Announce Titan in October? [IGN]


    Q: When is Titan comming out?
    A: Soon

      Bah the ™ didnt show up. i suck at alt text codes

        That's Valve time I take it. :D

    Took me a minute to understand why a picture of a 40k Warlord class Titan was being used as the splash for a Blizzard article.

    But Lords above I still hope "Titan" is "Worlds of Starcraft"...

      me too - lol.
      It's actually the only reason i clicked through :P

        Blizzard taking design and theme ideas from 40k? HAHA, that would never happen...NEVER

          LMAO :)

          I have a theory about Titan. Blizzard is waiting for Games Workshop to release a new IP.

      it'd be interesting to have a starcraft MMO just from the 3 way faction battles.

      They've said a few times Titan is new ip, so no world of Starcraft - they were quite specific about "Not Starcraft".

    If anyone can do a successful WH40K MMO, it's Blizzard. Not that it'd necessarily be any good ... if it's just a re-skinned WoW, it'll suck arse. But something with the scope and scale of EvE, except in the 40K universe and designed by close partnership between Blizz and GW ... phwoar...

      As awesome as that could (possibly) be - the 40k MMO already in development is being done by Vigil games, whom are of course owned by THQ.

      These are the guys behind, of course, the Darksiders Games - so there's still plenty of hope for the 40k mmo yet :)

        Man I wish they'd release some new info about that. They had a working model in some gameplay footage half a year ago or so but that's the last I've heard of it.

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