Dragon Quest X Needs The Internet And Extra Money, Too

Dragon Quest IX was the deal of the century. It had something like 70 hours of singleplayer gameplay, checking off two things that Japanese gamers love: meaty RPGs and playing solo. DQX is a different beast.

An official Square Enix FAQ regarding the game noted that while DQX can be played alone, it can only be played offline for the first few hours. After that, it's necessary to play online.

The Wii isn't exactly the easiest console to get online. One of the questions in the FAQ is how to get the Wii online.

Moreover, Square Enix have cleared up any confusion regarding whether the game will require an extra fee on top of what gamers will pay for the title. Gamers will need to pay to play online.

To recap: It's only possible to play DQX for a few hours offline at the game's beginning. Then, players must take the game online. To play online, they are required to pay a fee. Phew, I was worried for a minute, because that sounded really fair. Not.

Square Enix currently has no plans to release Dragon Quest X on other platforms. It does have plans to make lots of money with DQX.

ドラゴンクエストX 目覚めし五つの種族 オンライン [Support]

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    Well that is really really disappointing. It would have been a first day buy for me since I love my dragon quest, but now I don't think I'll be getting it:(

    Oh wow. I was hyped for this game this morning, but not so much anymore. I was under the impression that I could play through the entire game offline and not have to pay the extra fee.

    I'm not a massive DQ fan, so it won't kill me to miss this one. It's a shame though.

    Those plans shall go sorely unfulfilled, I reckon. There's no way they'll launch a successful MMO in the next 5 years, let alone a successful MMO on the -Wii- which is using a name devoted to single-player games.

    So it's an mmo. Square are sooo good at making those. They can take their game and shove it.

      Do I even need to link Gamespot's awesome review of FFXIV?

      This game shall suck. But I'm not a huge DQ fan. I liked DQ8, but only because of the graphics. Plot structure was pathetic, and you never knew where to go, and grinding was lame.

      DQIX was just garbage imo. It's a kids game with the difficulty of a hardcore rpg... I just dont get the appeal

    This is the first game in the Dragon Quest series that I don't want to play. Well done, Squeenix. :|

    First pay to play game on the Wii, possibly any Nintendo system.

    agh, being a squeenix fan really hurts at the moment.

    Square & Nintendo: 'We have your slimes... but you have to pay EXTRA for them!!!!'
    I'll stick to xenoblade thanks

    that ni no kuni on PS3 sure looks great, doesn't it, guys???

    Square Enix + Online = Failure

    I think you will find that whole bit about requiring online after the first few hours to be a mistranslation down the line. It has also been stated by various sites that you can play the whole game offline if you so choose. Guess Kotaku is just another sheep on the nintendo hatewagon as well. Pity.

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