Emmerich Not Directing Asteroids Film, But He Liked The Script

Looks like rumours that Roland Emmerich, the director behind such films as Independence Day, The Patriot and The Day After Tomorrow, is set to direct an Asteroids movie, based on the video game may not be true.

In an interview with Collider, Emmerich denies taking on the role of director, though the position was in fact offered to him.

Collider: You've been rumoured to be attached to Asteroids. Are you doing that?

Emmerich: No.

C: Not at all?

E: Nope. I was very honoured that they wanted to have me as a director, and I kind of liked the script very much, but at that time I was writing with my writing partner Harold Kloser a new script called Singularity and I opted for that.

So for now, if the Asteroids film is to be made, it is director-less. But they are searching!

Roland Emmerich Talks SINGULARITY, Says He's Not Doing ASTEROIDS [Collider]


    asteroids? seriously? what next a movie based on pong?

    I'm not directing the next Fast and Furious film, but I liked the script.

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