Enjoy, Modern Warfare 3's First Multiplayer Trailer

Say what you will of the basketcase this franchise's singleplayer has become, one thing it still does very well is multiplayer.

Which, you know, is the reason 95 per cent of people buying this game buy this game. So... it doesn't really need a trailer at all! But thanks for making one anyway, Activision. Appreciate it.


    That does nothing at all for me.

    *Cue Battlefield theme*

      Exactly... that was just awful. How much did they say they were spending on advertising this - $100 million? Their ad agency is ripping them off...

        I have to say I was waiting for the walls to collapse under the fire from the little bird. then I remembered

    If you played the last 5 cods you have played this one

    BF3 go go go

    Well, I think it looks like a blast (no pun). The BF3 competition will be really good for this franchise I reckon.

    One concern though was the third soldier shown was carrying an assault rifle and a sniper rifle. Balance, anyone?

      Good thing that never happens in the real world.

      Overkill Pro. Overkill is also in CoD4, and I think there was a similar one in CoD6, but I can't remember.

    My father would rather play BF3. That's saying something.

      says that your father has good taste

    I've got my BF3 pre-ordered for the PC and have decked out my rig. But I must say I am quite impressed. It looks like they have gone back to the old COD4 ways. I don't know how to explain it but that's the vibe I'm getting. Is it just me?

    I may end up buying this game after all. Time will tell.

    Fucking yawn.

    Nothing in that trailer was new. It's all reskinned crap of stuff we've seen in MW2 and BO.

    Is it just me or do none of the soldiers have recoil blast when firing? It's like theyre all halo spartans or something :\

    Have they done anything about the nade warfare that COD games always seem to degenerate to?

    IE: Throw grenade, get kills. Throw more until you're out. Commit suicide. Repeat.

    Looks great to me.

    the music was cool.

    That was a pretty bad ass trailer...

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