Minecraft: Enormous Tetris Stop-Motion Animation

The merry band behind the Bomberman mod for Minecraft have struck again, creating a colossal in-game stop-motion animation of Tetris — complete with a Game Boy surround (and startup screen!).

"I had to play bad or it would have take even more screenshots", says the creator. Probably also why he ramped up the difficulty to level 9.

If you want to hang with these guys, their server is public: a2zserver.net. Loads more merriment at the link below.

Minecraft Tetris! Our new stop motion. [MinecraftA2Z]


    Very nice....
    The minecraft animation, not the Tetris skills.

      That must have taken incredible patience. And caffeine, loooooooooots of caffiene.

    I respect this...but f%^& me....spend your time doing something more beneficial!

      Seriously? So people should just abandon their hobbies? By your logic, you should stop playing video games as well.

      This is no less beneficial than a movie or a TV show. It's entertainment.

    Didn't we already see an article about this last week? o.O

    I'm usually an advocate for acts of human folly. I think they say something pretty cool about our species... doing something for the hell of it, for the sake of just being awesome.

    But this actually made me really uncomfortable, just thinking about the man hours involved relative to what was actually accomplished.

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