EVE Online Now Just One Fashionable Degree Of Separation From Lady Gaga

What do Lady Gaga and CCP Games, maker of massively multiplayer online role-playing game EVE Online, have in common? They’ve both worked with fashion director Nicola Formichetti and his muse, the model with a full body corpse tattoo, Rick Genest.

Let’s take a step back.

CCP has teamed up with Formichetti to create a “virtual catwalk show” for New York Fashion Week, creating that digital space within the CARBON graphics engine used in EVE, as well as the upcoming DUST 514 and World of Darkness. That unusual collaboration is on display at Formichetti’s BOFFO Building Fashion pop-up shop starting today. It features one of the designer’s wearable creations and a digital recreation of Genest, the man who said “Screw everyone, I’m going to get a skull tattooed on my face.”

(Genest appears in Gaga’s “Born This Way” video alongside the singer, who’s made up to look like the heavily tattooed male model.)

The CCP-Formichetti collab is said to be a “fully interactive, real-time virtual catwalk experience,” meaning that if you happen to find yourself in Manhattan this week, you could play with it yourself. I doubt, however, that it’s possible for a vindictive EVE Online clan to raid Formichetti’s outer space showroom.

Fomichetti’s pop-up shop at BOFFO Building Fashion 2011 is located at 50 Walker St, New York, NY 10013.

More info at the Emergent Behavior Tumblr.

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