Even DC Comics' Assembled Heroes Can't Resist Free-To-Play

It doesn't matter if you're a starship captain or one of Earth's mightiest heroes; once you go massively multiplayer it's only a matter of time before free-to-play finds you. Sony Online Entertainment's DC Universe Online breaks free of subscription fees next month.

Starting in October anyone with a PlayStation 3 or a gaming PC will be able to download and play DC Universe Online for free. They'll have access to all game content, two character slots, and the ability to purchase optional expansion packs should they choose to do so.

Players that have spent more than $US5 on the game (returning players, subscription paying customers that opt to not continue paying, and in-game store shoppers) will be upgraded to premium membership, with more character slots, a larger inventory, and a bigger wallet.

And if players want to continue paying $US14.99 (or have purchased a lifetime subscription) they'll be granted Legendary status, which gives them an enormous inventory, more than 15 character slots, and free access to expansion packs and other downloadable content as it comes along.

Why does a game like DC Universe Online go free-to-play? Speaking to IGN, SOE executive producer Lorin Jameson says it was the model the developers envisioned all along.

"In terms of 'Is it a result in a drop in subs' — absolutely not," he said. "This is the right business model. If I can be honest, the game ended up costing a lot more than we thought it would, and this was our preferred business model from day one."

With Champions Online already free-to-play and City of Heroes going there later this year, massively multiplayer online superhero fans will have to choose which style of crime fighting suits them the best — or just play all three.

DC Universe Online Going Free to Play [IGN — Thanks Ursus-Veritas!]


    Doesn't surprise me, i played my 30 day free trial, and then canceled the recuiring subscribtion i had set up 5 days into the 30 day free trial.

    This is the right price for me to check it out. The beta left me cold - it was so buggy, I never made it off Brainiac's ship - but I love the idea of it.

    I just worry that it's too late in the game now, and I'll get smashed by people that have been playing all this time.

    All four of them.

    I saw this coming the day the game launched. Even going f2p probably won't make me go back though, not with STO and CoH going f2p as well.

    90% chance they still have all the macro exploits used in PVP from day 1. makes the game unplayable

    It's a shame. For all the bugs and other problems the game was actually a really fun casual action MMO at it's core.

    Man I'm glad I didn't opt for the "lifetime" membership back when they were preordering.

    Still, I only hope they decided to go down the F2P route because they had broke even and just want to pay for server hosting... there was so much talent that went into making this and in a less saturated market it would have been great.

    I was waiting for this to turn F2P. Now I finally get to try it out.

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