Exciting Beta Shots Of Battlefield 3's Menus

At the risk of sounding overhyped about DICE's Battlefield 3, the latest batch of unofficial screens from the game's ongoing beta are (mostly) about its UI, which are beautiful and even a little bit informative.

Screengrabs from Battlefield 3's beta, courtesy of Battlefieldo forum goers, show off some multiplayer options, win/lose screens and the myriad graphic options for the PC version of the game. Very handsome, very option-heavy.

If you're here for actual gameplay screens from the beta, make your way right here.

BF3 - Beta - Awesome Screenshots [Battlefieldo — thanks @FPSjunky!]


    Not bad. Not super slick but I guess you can only do so much with that much info. Maybe it looks better in motion.

      What do you have in mind for Slick?

    *sigh* if only I had the usage to download the open beta when it comes out...

    I loved the game, but the whole menu system in BFBC2 on Xbox was terrible, I hope they improve on that a bunch, with the whole keeping the party together, not having to start a new game to quit out, etc.

    I also hope we don't have to do the same map twice every time in normal team deathmatch mode.

      Yeah, the BFBC2 UI for PC wasn't much better, even after months of patching still horrid...

      The BFBC2 UI makes the Medal of Honor multiplayer UI look absolutely brilliant, intuitive and user friendly by comparison.
      Considering that MOH came out between BFBC2 and BF3....

    I'm not even gonna bother picking up Battlefield 3 until I can completely confirm Australian servers and a competent server browser menu.
    After finding out that Bad Company 2 didn't even have Australian servers until last December I traded that game in.

      Here you go mate: http://itechreport.com.au/2011/09/22/iinets-3fl-to-play-host-to-battlefield-3-beta-servers/

      GameArena have also confirmed they have just installed new hardware to support 40 Battlefield 3 servers for the BETA alone.

      Huh? I was playing on BC2 Aus Servers since Day One? Even in beta.

      I was playing on aussie servers from when i picked the game up in April 2010, so i don't know where you were looking :D

    Grr bloody EA still screwing me around with my beta code :(

    So has anyone got their beta codes yet?? I still havent

    what horrid menu screens

    Exciting menu screens. You must be having a really boring day.
    The contrast is good, but the heavy anti-aliasing around the text is disgraceful. Unless that's a lossy image format, then it's not a very accurate representation.

    But... exciting? That's just a bit sad.

    Hmm very web 2.0 integrated into BF3.. Very cool

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