Fake Angry Birds Game Shoots Real Plush Birds At Green Balloons

Oh China. First a bootleg Blizzard theme park and now this, bootleg, real-life games of Angry Birds? What's next, fake Apple stores? Fake consoles? Oh.

This game, at a theme park in Changsha, Hunan, isn't as extravagant as the Blizzard park, but it's just as unlicensed, Britain's Metro reporting that it lacks the permission of Angry Birds creators Rovio.

Players pull on a giant slingshot and launch plush birds at green pigs, who are actually just balloons. In short, then, it doesn't even look as good as the real-life version of the game constructed for a marketing stunt in Spain earlier this year.

The game isn't the first instance of Angry Birds bootlegging going on in the People's Republic, either. As Arcade Heroes points out, a Chinese company called Hero Technology has stolen Rovio's characters and turned them into an arcade title, albeit one where everyone looks a lot angrier.

Images: Xinhua/Li Ga


    Isn't Angry Birds itself a rip off?

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