Fall In Love With Zelda All Over Again With These Skyward Sword Screens

Dammit, Nintendo. Just when everyone is ready to write you off and declare the Wii as totally irrelevant, you do this.

This, of course, is The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. The Wii is showing its age, sure, and, yes, the graphics have jagded edges. But this is a proper Zelda game, and it shows Nintendo wringing blood from a stone — beautifully, wistful blood.

Yes, I'm excited about this Skyward Sword.


    This looks sweet. It's like Wind Waker had a creepy incestuous love-child with Twilight Princess... and it came out looking quite beautiful.

    For the first time ever, I have having trouble getting excited about a Zelda game... is it just me or are the visuals kind of underwhelming?

    *preferred TP look*

      Also, Link's hand looks uncomfortably inverted when swinging his sword... doesn't it?

        Yes, looks like they actually thought about how it should be swung.

    Excellent! Looks like I'll be getting this one. TP was too "dark" for me.

    Skyward Sword is continuing to look more and more beautiful with each little tidbit that gets released.

    I never thought I'd say this.

    But I wish Nintendo would hurry up and become a software developer. Hardware just isn't working for them any more.

    I wanted to like the Wii. And I tried. But I just can't. (And the Wii U? Please...)

      I agree. Sega had their time and stepped down from the hardware competition. Nintendo really need to do the same.

      Are u friggin insane?!
      Because Sega are kicking so much ass these days arent they? Lol

      Nintendo made such a killing on the Wii hardware, there's no incentive for them to lose the business. Of all the current consoles released, they were the only one to be profitable from the start. Then it just got better as they outsold the other consoles.

      Nope, Nintendo will be into hardware for quite a while yet.

      Well it's not Nintendo's fault you don't like fun.

        Hey, the software is among the best out there. But the hardware has been kind of lacking in everything after the Nintendo 64.

    I seriously cannot wait for this. I'm trying not to get too hyped though.

    Also, the guy with the dark skin/white hair reminds me a lot of the Rito from Wind Waker (those bird-people :P).

      Or the guy from Kakariko Village in TP...

    I do find it strange (but in a kinda good way) that Twilight princess and now windwaker had a very Ainu/Native american hybrid style with the characters and art-style.

    Definantly excited for Skyward Sword, but I would love a true next gen Zelda game with the old art direction too :D

    The blocky graphics... they make my eyes hurt

      Seriously of all the Wii games to whinge about in terms of graphics - this isn't it.

      Looks great and I'll borrow a friend's Wii to play through it.

        It doesn't make the graphics any better though.
        Look don't get me wrong, I am an Original Zelda Fan(tm)(r)(c) all the way back to Legend of Zelda on NES, but lets be honest with ourselves. It's 2012 (almost) and we're still excited about games that are running 480p with graphics made of Lego? (PS. I am a big lego fan too).

        Am I the only one wishing to see Princess Zelda in 1080p, 4X AA, 16X AF, fully voice acted? Or so I stand alone?

          That would be nice but would you seriously want them to hold off this game for the wiiU just for better graphics?

          I know that I want this now and I also know that I won't notice that the graphics have jagged edges because I'll be enjoying it far too much.

    Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh! Xenoblade and now this... I knew there was a very good reason I got a Wii.

    ... Wasn't Link left-handed from memory?

      I think you're right, but with the "motion plus" we are now going to be mimicking the movements with our own hands and most people are right handed. Hopefully they have a southpaw option.

        I somehow don't think there will be a lefty option, just go compare a Twilight Princess screen shot on Game cube and Wii (I'll wait)

        Spoilers, they flipped the entire game just for the wiimote


          Great, now I'm going to be up late at night wondering which is the canon world. That's incredible, and I'm really annoyed with myself for not knowing that.

            GC, given that it was the original, and also lines up with OoT

    *Looks at screenshots*

    I'm still willing to write Nintendo off and declare the Wii as totally irrelevant.

    Can't wait can't wait can't wait. This game is going to be amazing. It's so beautiful, too.

    Oh dear, now Zelda looks like Barbara Streisand.

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