FIFA 12 Has The Best Bugs

FIFA 12 won't be out until later this month. Perhaps that will be enough time for EA to fix these wonderfully hilarious bugs.

The FIFA 12 demo was released on Xbox Live and for PC on September 13, and it was released on the PSN on September 14. The game goes on sale September 27 in North America.


    Haha, a perfect start to the morning. I wish there was a video of the Red Dead Redemption glitches. I once saw a person FLY off a horse and die about 50 meters from where it happened!

    These ain't glitches... - they're just falling down like Italian football players!

    have to agree perfect start to the morning

    lol cats

    Couldnt stop laughing at that. Im sure they will be fixed by launch but that was awesome.

    Would be funny if they cancel this game because they can't fix the bug like NBA Elite 11.

    Ha! 45 - 58 seconds...funniest thing ever! Why would they fix this!?

    That was hilarious. If real soccer was as entertaining as that I might actually watch it. lol

    The one starting at 0:44 was my favourite.

    Why is it that for some reason with most of these glitches I was imagining Jim Ross as the announcer



    the second one defs isnt a glitch just an puncey soccer player taking a dive

    0:16 isn't a glitch, it's a goal celebration! The rest of them are pretty bad though... REALLY needs to be fixed!

    Just like the real thing.

    Dear EA,
    Please leave me the option to turn this bug back on.

    In all fairness that Arsenal glitch is a fair representation of current on field performance.

    I have no confidence in those bugs being fixed.
    Your move, EA.

    Nooooo, don't remove it! These bugs make the game better! ;)

    Hang on, those are programming bugs ... that's how soccer (sorry, football) players act on the field, with all their feigned falls and injuries etc.

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