Fighting Games Look Easier When They’re Nothing But Buttons

Fighting Games Look Easier When They’re Nothing But Buttons

The kids at Hit Box got in touch over the weekend to show us this video of their custom fight stick in action. And as someone who sucks at fighting games, I am interested.

The hit box replaces the traditional layout of stick on the left, buttons on the right with an all-button configuration. How does it work? As the video above shows, the buttons switch out analogue stick control with the digital input of a button, which has the added benefit of making it a lot easier to string together special moves and combos.

It looks like learning how to use one takes a little training, but once you get the hang of it you’ll be ripping off fireballs like it was nobody’s business.


  • It has pros and cons. But it is definitely an unconventional and awkward device.

    It is known as the “shit-box”. That sums up the professional fighting game community’s opinion of the device.

    To each, his own, I guess.
    Yet to see any player use it well in a tournament.

    I’ll stick to my T.E stick.

  • Pariah – spot on. Anyone who has played an emulated street fighter game on PC knows exactly how easy it is when the movement of the character is mapped to individual buttons.

    Even rolling 720s for Zangiefs super are easy enough on a keyboard. This hitbox however looks to be a bit more of a challenge but I’d be willing to take it into a comp.

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