Final Fantasy Versus XIII Versus Not At TGS

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Versus Not At TGS

In early August, I asked where the hell Final Fantasy Versus XIII was. This could change, but it’s apparently not at this year’s Tokyo Game Show! Final Fantasy XIII-2, among other FF games, will be there too. [TGS2011]


  • While I actually really enjoyed FFXIII, I still think Squenix needs to pick it’s game up here. Trying to repair the bad image FFXIII got with a sequel isn’t going to work – provided that’s what they’re doing.

    Just finish up Versus XIII, which was first shown to us how many years ago? And give us Type-0 (Agito) on PSP while you’re at it, which has also been floating about for years. Stop screwing around and alienating your customers.

    As a Squaresoft fan from back in the days of FFIII on my SNES, I’m finding myself less and less impressed with their antics.

  • I get the impression that Square Enix spreads it’s resources to thin and tries to release too much.

    So many spinoffs and sequels is never a good thing, if anything it just cheapens the brand. SE, at least for me is starting to fall into the category of “Jack of all trades, Master of none”.

    Maybe they should get a better project management team?

    • Square Enix is publishing a crapton of games of late, but actually aren’t producing that many, so I don’t think that’s the issue here.

      I think they’ve just lost direction and imagination.

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