Finally, A Video Game That Also Washes Your Clothes

Lee Wei Chen, a design student at Kingston University, has come up with an arcade cabinet that washes your clothes. Which is also a washing machine that plays games.

‘I realised that the skills I had developed in the virtual world were useless in the real world. I wanted to make them useful,' Chen says.

So you need to play, and win, the game to wash your clothes. Suck at the game and the washing machine stops working, and won't start again until you get to winning.

Funny Laundering [Designweek, via TDW]


    I look forward to PC Gamer giving this game 94% for the 'best RPG combat ever'.


    5x Combo/Killstreak - Additional Soap Activated
    10x Combo/Killstreak - Fabric Softener Unlocked
    15x Combo/Killstreak - One Free Spin!

    I can't see this working, girls suck at games.

    Recommended detergent: Drive.

    Hanging out in arcades may require clothes pegs.

    Ironically, this might get me into washing my own clothes, that sounds awesome

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