'Fired For Planking' Is More Complicated Than You Think

About a month ago, we got an email from our reader John Mazzocchi who found himself recently unemployed. He had apparently been fired for planking while on the job at the Gamestop where he had worked for almost four years.

Mazzocchi posted two pictures of himself planking inside what looks like an otherwise empty Gamestop in Long Island, New York. He tweeted first from behind the register, planking between the back and front counters of the cashier's area. He then tweeted another picture of himself planking between two of the stand-up displays in the merchandise area of the store.

His notice of termination was apparently rather vague, making no mention of the planking incident, or the posts to his twitter. When he applied for unemployment benefits last week, however, the truth was revealed!

As you can see in the image above, Mazzocchi was ineligible for unemployment benefits because of the terms of his termination. Because he was planking while in a supervisory position, combined with the Twitter posts, his termination is considered gross negligence. Mazzocchi was a Senior Game Advisor, and had been working at Gamestop since 2007.

At first this may seem like an overreaction, Gamestop is considering not only their own reputation but the safety of its employees in this matter. Mazzocchi was putting himself in potential danger both on company property and while on the clock. By posting the images to Twitter, he essential nailed his own coffin. Gamestop is notorious for monitoring its employees actions on the web, and this is not the first time a company has used evidence from social networking sites like Twitter as grounds for termination.

Lesson learned: Don't plank on the job.


    Looking at that second pic all I could think was 'fired for OH&S BREACH' but he Pittman on the net? What a Bloody moron. Deserved the firing.

      Indeed. OHS violation combined with posting pictuers of said violation with full display of company on the internet... foolish to say the least.



        Posted the original comment on my iphone...

        Autocorrect... FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!


            +10 internets

    Natural selection in a workplace ecosystem. Shouldn't have been dicking around at work. I love how he's obviously feeling like the victim here. I hate people these days, morons like this are why I had to grind the people who worked for me at my previous job before I left it.

    Another article featuring GameStop. If they were getting irresponsible people like that jackass opening up games and removing content, then going off and planking and tweeting then I'd definitely want my money back.

    That guy really is a dumbass, and to be quite honest people who plank really need to find something else to do.

    People still do this?

    Gamestop seems like such a kill-joy company, I would hate to be employed by them or EB Games....

      Or any game reatailer for that matter. It sucks the fun right out of something that's supposed to be all about fun.

      Because when I walk into a gameshop, I want to be ignored by fratboys who are busy lighting their farts on fire instead of working the register...

        Bahahaha now I have coca cola down my shirt and a sticky beard.
        I agree that gamestop should have fired this dude. Obey OH&S it's the law...

    so he is unemployed and inelagable for unemployment benefits? So what is he supposed to do starve, man America is harsh

    Arent we all getting a little to OHS serious?

      I know right! Because quite realistically? If his feet in the second picture, came off? He's ONLY risking his neck being ripped open, his jaw being dislocated, his teeth being shattered...

      Just a little thing really.

      And despite him being a dumbass doing that planking shit, you KNOW he'd sue the store for damages if it happened.

      FYI, if you think that kinda damage isn't possible work in a hospital sometime like I have before as a wardsman, you see all kinda dumb shit from people you'd think clearly isnt possible.

    To be honest, I don’t really see why they fired him. A warning due to OH&S concerns would have been suitable.


      If I saw one of my employees doing that I would think:

      How immature. Does he think that looks impressive? *sigh* I guess I will now have to give him a talking to about setting a good example, OHS, and our social media policies.

      But firing the douche waffle and preventing him from claiming unemployment ?!! What c#nts.

        Ahhh - but who's to say this was his first and only offence? If he's prone to this kind of thing, this could quite easily have been "the last straw".

        However, as has already been mentioned, because of the litigious nature of society these days... anything along those lines needs to be jumped on hard and fast, before someone hurts themselves and sues for $10m for not being protected from their own stupidity...

        My company sent round an email the very next day after that guy died planking. First and only warning to not do it.

        Being in America, he may not have received it following that incident, but some sort of warning may have been sent around about misconduct.

        Besides, most companies require some sort of OH&S course or test to be done during training - I think that, along with common sense, is enough of a warning for someone to think twice, use their brain and not be a fool and do it.

    seriously lets all just get over this planking business and get back to actual dangerous stunts.

    like faceplants into concrete...

    Planking isn't something I'd do, but I disagree that doing it even on working hours (we're talking about a 5 minute stunt) as a supervisor warrants "gross negligence" and firing.

    "Gross Negligence"? Severe misconduct, perhaps. But I really cannot see how planking would come under the term "Gross negligence" under any definition, unless there is something I am missing.

    And I certainly wouldn't consider it a terminable offense unless there was some prior record of misconduct. That's just being an a-hole


    I got fired from EB for doing this.
    We both deserved punishment, but termination is ridiculous.
    Although, I did dance on a customer....

      You deserve to be fired for listening to such rubbish.

    Kids today, planking... seriously? o.O

    They were well within their rights to fire'im. If he'd fallen and injured himself they'd probably be liable. condoning the behaviour or turning a blind eye to it would only encourage more to do so and increase the odds of a bad incident.

    I would link this on my FB for a good old lol at someone elses expense.

    but... I am so glad that the "planking" phase ended that I don't want to mention it at the small risk of reigniting the stupid phase.

    "he essential nailed"


    If he plays it right he'll never have to work again and he find himself on the welfare system along with all the unemployed, alcoholic, drug addicts that plague our society.. He'll do just fine, nothing something for his parents to be proud of though.. but he'll be ok..

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