First Look At The Next Huge 3DS Game, Monster Hunter 4

Capcom is developing Monster Hunter 4. This was revealed today at the Nintendo 3DS Conference as a 3DS title.

The game's debut trailer was shown. MH4 currently does not have a release date.

More photos, courtesy of Famitsu, in the link below.

『モンスターハンター4』がニンテンドー3DS向けに衝撃発表 [Famitsu]

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    I wonder how much does Nintendo pay Capcom to bring MH series to 3DS, a system that doesn't sell well.

      Nothing. The 3DS is picking up, and with the large amount of titles arriving for it soon, 3DS sales will likely continue rising.

      You could use your argument for any of the announced 3DS games, aside from the Nintendo developed software. Why would any of them choose the 3DS?

      Because the profit forecasts look promising.

    They haven't even localised MHP3rd (released almost a year ago in Japan) yet, and have no plans to as far as we know.

    Doesn't bode well for a Western release of MH4.

    this better have a psvita release or psp too :P

    As a Monster Hunter I have trouble being excited. There is no indication western territories will ever see an officially localised version of Portable 3rd or Portable 3rd HD. As such it would be self defeating to hope for Monster Hunter 4 to be localised. If Capcom doesn't care why should we?

      There are quite a few MH fans in Europe. I
      would not be surprised if this goes the way of Xenosaga with release in Europe and not the States.

        Do you mean Xenoblade? Yes, while that would be suitable for us Australians english speakers in ntsc territories would still be left out. Their only recourse would be to import an entire 3DS console to get around region locking.

          Yes, sorry, I mean Xenoblade Chonicles.

            Heh. An easy mistake to make.

    Sweet, so when can *WE* play MHP3rd?

    ooh exciting! japanese news for japanese! Bashcraft continues to deliver.

    Monster Hunter has been getting easier and more dumbed down ever since 3... As far as I'm concerned the new flagship game being exclusive to a handheld, and the weaker one at that, is just another nail.

    I know businesses are about making money but this reeks of CEOs looking at numbers and absolutely nothing else.

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