First Xbox 360 Footage Of Battlefield 3 Will Still Blow You Away

First Xbox 360 Footage Of Battlefield 3 Will Still Blow You Away

You’ve seen DICE’s visually stunning war game Battlefield 3 on the PC. You’ve seen in on the PlayStation 3. Now see — with EA’s official blessing this time — what the Xbox 360 is capable in the second trailer for Battlefield 3‘s “Operation Guillotine”.

(You can watch the previous “Operation Guillotine” trailer right here.)

From what we can pick out in this dark, chaotic trailer, it’s a clear visual step down from the eye-popping PC version, with a decrease in environmental detail — but we’re working with six-year-old console hardware, people!

For more Battlefield 3 console coverage make sure to read Kotaku‘s latest dual hands-on impressions of the PS3 version from gameplay sessions in New York City and this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

Battlefield 3 heads to the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on October 25, 2011.


  • Yes! Looks absolutely stunning on xbox! Looks absolutely stunning on ps3! Looks absolutely stunning on pc! Everyone is a winner with this game!

    • I have to admit that it looked better then i thought it would on the consoles when compared to the PC version and i think credit to DICE for even doing that while using Frostbite 2 for the first time.

      Still, obviously it is still going to look better on PC on full with DX11 and plus 64 player dedicated servers with full vehicles is going to be awesome sauce. However if i was stuck without a PC, i wouldn’t mind playing it on consoles.

  • I still can’t decide on what platform to buy this on, must say it’s looking splendid on both consoles, and bloody stunning on the PC. But most of my mates are getting this on Xbox, so it looks like that’s what i’ll be playing it on too.

    Might end up buying two copies of the game.

    • I would love to get it on PC but it will certainly not be able to handle it at anything close to full settings. I will probably settle for it on Xbox and be very satisfied. Although, I saw something today saying if you preorder it now on Origin you get Dead Space 2 for free.

  • for a “crappy 6 year old system” as the PC elites keep saying it holds out better then they think!

    looks nearly on par to the PC version, Plus everyone on the consoles will have the same effects, best example smoke will look amazing and hard to see through on high settings on a PC, but what about someone running it low rez will be able to see right through it totally fair right.

    console = level playing field!

    • Theres a big difference between playing with a mouse / keyboard combo and a controller. I find analog sticks sluggish, compared to a mouse.

      Then theres the hardware difference, being able to move that 30-50ms faster than someone else using an older pc PURELY because your videocard can draw it faster – can be those extra points on the scoreboard 🙂

    • Looks nearly on par to the low-medium settings on PC perhaps.

      As for things like smoke, I highly doubt such an obvious flaw would be overlooked.

      By the by;

      console = aim assist!

  • All of a sudden those 2 discs on 360 feel a little more justified lol. Game does indeed look great on consoles.

    Plan on buying it for PC first probably, i’ll get it on consoles at a later date though 🙂

  • I know this will probably add fuel to the fire but cant MW3 and Battlefield co exist? They seem to be going for different audiences – Modern Warefare is your balls to the wall, loud Michael Bay/Pearl Harbour style blockbuster while battle field is going for a more nuanced Saving Private Ryan approach. Both entertaining but I think personally battle comes out on top with Frostbyte and the more realistic almost documentary tone it sets like during the tank battle in the desert mission but sometimes I just want to be Michael Bay and not Steven Spielberg.

  • Jesus christ this looks dull. Aren’t you all sick of shooting the same enemies with the same guns in the same levels over and over.

    Let me break down the campaign for you: City level, night level, water level, level on a mounted gun in a convoy while things happen around you, sunset level in shanty town, snow level.

    And that whole “guy kicks down the door and time slows so you can shoot him” thing is so far from compelling gameplay that my minimal interest in yet ANOTHER military first person shooter (even if it is Battlefield) has completely evaporated.

    That argument that multiplayer is the thing that matters is weak and tired. Just because you’re great at one facet of your development, doesn’t mean you can make the other facets cliche, unoriginal, and ephemeral. They shouldn’t be resting on their laurels, they should be innovating, and graphics isn’t enough.

    • Maybe you should wait for the reviews or play it yourself before making judgement. You will read that plenty of people who have played the game feel it is different to the cod corridor shooter and that it does in fact feel more open with more options to advance. I would like to hear how you think a military shooter should be set up. Something more like the original Crysis maybe?

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