Four Swords Anniversary Edition Now Celebrating Zelda's 25th On A DS Near You

Tipped by commenter Mountanderson and verified by our own 3DS units, Zelda's 25th anniversary celebration is now in full swing four times over, as The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition is now available free in Nintendo's eShop and DSiWare.

A freshened-up version of the classic multiplayer Zelda game with cross-platform compatibility between 3DS and DS, the Four Swords Anniversary Edition delivers an amazing value for the money, especially considering there's no money involved. Go ahead, complain about free things. There are people starved for Zelda games in other countries, you know.

In the 3DS' eShop, Four Swords is joined by a $US5.99 copy of the The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX for the Game Boy colour, as well as a bunch of interesting and informative 3D videos, because you need that sort of thing.

Enough typing, go play.



    Pity i cant download it without updating my firmware :(

    even tho i use my DSi for legit stuff, i do need the specific FW version i have

      I was annoyed about that too. But without having Sudoku, I figured there was really no point in not upgrading so I just did it anyway.

    I have a DS Lite and I'm proud.

      I have a 3ds and I'm proud. Then I cry for you. Now I'm proud again.

    Multiplayer's working fine on my DSi, but is it just me or does multiplayer keep crashing on the 3DS?

    Why are our eShop managers not putting the same videos and content as the UK at least? Us Aussies don't want to switch our regions to the UK every Thursday night/Friday morning to check for new videos and titles. I actually liked the Zelda and Robin Williams 3D OOT Ad...

      we can change region?

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