Freddie Wong Is Officially The Man Now

We would never call master filmmaker Freddie Wong a sell-out. But, the use of the SharpShooter and the Resistance 3 setting (with animations by Insomniac Games), right as both are part of a big ad campaign, does make it seem this was, well, commissioned.

If so, who cares; Freddie Wong has absolutely earned it. And the video doesn't skimp on his brand of humour. Here's a look at the Move under, what, the PS5? You're going to need a hell of an extension cord.

[h/t U.I. 2.0]


    Really like the style of Wong's vids... If only he could be tasked to direct a Transformers movie instead of Michael Bay...

    It's not the first time he's collaborated with a gaming company in a manner which may be considered marketing. If memory serves the Mr Toots video was connected to a promotional thing being done by THQ for Red Faction Armageddon.

    Not that I'm accusing him of being a sellout. That's when you start doing it for the moeny and not for the fun and I someone like Freddie has a hard time not having fun.

    i would rather promotion in this form because its not invasive and is down in a way that is enjoyable. they give him assets and allow him to do what he wants with them. The cowboys and Aliens video that he did was another good example of how to market and avoid people just tuning out to the product.

    Companies need to just ensure that the youtubers get to do their take on the subject and not the take that the company wants to take otherwise the "Sell Out" hate takes over.

    He's been doing these "commissioned" things for awhile now. Nothing wrong with a Youtuber earning some money from their videos.

    Take my money!
    ALL OF IT!

    same shit all the time... after a while his stuff is uninteresting because it's always guns shooting stuff.

      - Rocking out on a car.

      - Blue Ball Machine

      - Mr Toots

      Yeah, ALWAYS guns. :P

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