From Dust Is Coming To PSN Tomorrow

It's a game that has taken out multiple awards and received raving reviews, even from the Kotaku readers. Unfortunately, the fun was restricted to Xbox 360 users. Now, PlayStation 3 owners will also be able to see what the fuss is all about when From Dust comes to PSN tomorrow.

From Dust won the Game Critics Awards Best Strategy Game of E3 Award, and with good reason. The game gives players control over environments that determine the fate of primitive tribes. It's a god-game in the truest sense as you move sand and water, raise the ground and meddle with the elements to solve puzzles.

You can view the latest trailer of the game here.


    Correction: restricted to Xbox 360 users, and Windows users.
    Information: Metacritic rating of 80, based upon reviews by web sites and magazines, and a user rating of 6.2 out of 10, based upon reviews by players.
    Honest query: When did "the truest sense" of god-game come to mean "you move sand and water to solve puzzles"?

      no, I think Tracey is right, the FUN was restricted to 360 users... The Windows version was a horrible port with even worse DRM... No-one who bought it on PC had fun.

        I think I made it to the 5th mission then gave up. WTB game they spent more than 5mins porting to PC.

      You play a god, with god like powers, like moving (and freezing), earth, water and lava. That seems like a god-game in a pretty true sense to me.

        aren't you technically just the 'breath of god'?

        On that note though; in Populous 3, technically you're only a god/godlike in the last level.

        I think 'god game' is fine for defining these so we don't end up splitting into 'demi-god games', 'shaman games', and ending up in the same mess as all those ~~punk subgenres.

    Its a great game on windows, you just turn of mouse scrolling and the controls are really good. With this set up Ive been able to get waterfalls to spell my name.

    The controls were terrible on pc. Quite rage-enducing considering for most challenges you are on a tight timer.

    Can't comment on the xbox version.

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