Gears Of Wars 3 Decimates The Game Reviewing Hordes

Go ahead. Look the grizzled, battle-scarred Marcus Michael Fenix in the face and tell him his third game sucks. You can't do it, but don't feel bad. Even the most battle-hardened video game critics are humbled by his majesty.

Marcus and his meaty Gears compatriots have been kicking Locust arse up and down the planet Sera for nearly five years now, and what do they have to show for it? Humanity is on the brink of extinction, sinister forces are still at work, and it turns out that the main character has some serious daddy issues, something that happens when your long-lost father might be the key to saving all of mankind from destruction.

Will Marcus and friends triumph, completing their epic journey and learning something about friendship along the way? I certainly hope so. It'd be a shame for all of these reviewers to give such high scores to a game that ends on a downer.

<The Escapist After fighting against the Locust and the Lambent, Marcus and Co. are finally ready to put an end to the war and in true Delta Squad style, that's going to mean lots of chainsawing, curb stomps, and the occasional shotgun blast to the face. The final game in the Gears of War trilogy is everything fans expect - massive explosions, gravelly voiced soldiers, surprising enemies, and, of course, an abundance of chest-high walls. It also happens to contain a tremendous amount of fun, despite its sometimes ridiculous characters.

IncGamers Gears of War 3's campaign is the most exhaustive of the series; featuring more characters, a deeper story, new enemies, new environments as well as the trademark set-piece moments, crisp visuals and hard-hitting weapons. Multiplayer sees various new modes, an increased player count and a greatly improved levelling up system. If you're the type that worries about whether you're going to get value for your forty-quid then, in this case, you can rest easy. This is a game that's expertly constructed; the product of a team seemingly in their element, buoyed by the success of the series so far and the expectations of their audience.

Games Radar Remember your climactic battle against a screen-smothering sea monster near the very end of Gears of War 2? Well, that guy shows up less than half an hour into Gears of War 3, chomps down on the deck of your island-sized warship and can only be defeated with the help of a near-indestructible, rocket-fitted mech suit. In other words, this campaign is crazy ambitious. While the length is pretty much the same as previous entries, the scale is anything but, and creatures that once qualified as game-finishing bosses now appear routinely in the middle of missions, often demanding you defeat them with nothing more than the weapons at hand.

Brumaks as big as Tyrannosaurs? We lost count of how many we faced. Corpsers that make the spider in Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings seem downright cuddly? They show up in multiple forms, from burrowing baby to seriously pissed-off mummy. Berserkers, the charging bulls of the Gears universe? Upgraded to leave trails of poisonous acid in their wake. Even regular enemies are scarier and nastier than before — the new breeds of Lambent Locust don't just die when you shoot them, they explode into nightmarish second lives, full of squirmy tentacle arms and decapitated head snakes, requiring you to kill them all over again. It's wild and it's intense.

Game Informer

I would have been entirely satisfied with new maps to shake up the outstanding multiplayer from Gears 2. Epic easily takes care of that with classic modes like Team Deathmatch and Gears favourites like Wingman on brilliant, varied maps. An amazing new mode reminiscent of playing the Infected in Left 4 Dead joins Horde mode on the co-op front. Overwhelming the human defences as the Locust Horde is a wonderful Gears take on being the bad guys. I love the Counter-Strike style economy of earning cash for breaking fortifications and killing humans, then spending that cash to respawn as anything from a Ticker to a Boomer. This new Beast mode is as compelling to me as Horde mode, Call of Duty's Spec Ops or Zombies, or any other innovative co-op mode from the last decade.

Giant Bomb All of this online action will, theoretically, work better than it did in Gears of War 2. After numerous complaints about host advantages and other online shenanigans, the game's matches have moved onto dedicated servers. This is a behind-the-scenes change, for the most part. You won't see a server browser or anything like that, and the only place where you get options about which weapons you want to allow in a game or which map you want to play on is when you're setting up a private game. You can also play against bots in those private games, if you like, but only in the versus multiplayer. Bots can't play Horde or Beast with you. Bots can, technically, also appear in public quick match games, but I suspect that once the game is widely available, you probably won't see a lot of non-human players in those matches.

Official Xbox Magazine For the longest time, the Halo series has been the answer to the question, "Why should I buy an Xbox?" Frankly, Master Chief's franchise is the reason our platform exists. But while the future surely holds great things for Spartan 117, right now, the evidence is indisputable: Gears of War 3 is the ultimate realisation of the Xbox 360 console, much in the same way Halo 2 was for the original Xbox. It maximizes the hardware's horsepower; boasts a fully featured, seamless online experience that serves up both competitive and cooperative gameplay; and it's enduringly replayable online or off. Quite simply, Gears of War 3 leaves no stone unturned - it's everything a triple-A blockbuster should be. Good luck getting the disc out of your console for months to come.

But tell us how you guys really feel.


    Rather play it on pc

      Bad example dude. If any game was built for the couch, it's this one.

        And PC games were relegated to not being on the couch when

          When you decided to use a mouse and keyboard and have 4 video cards attached to 12 screens.

      Because gears 1 on the PC was a master piece....

    Hey Marcus. Your Third game sucks... I assume, since the first and second are two of the most boring things I've ever played.

      It's okay, Sam. Not everyone can have good taste. But I'm sure you have other qualities :)

        Yeah, I hope medicine can fix my tastebuds one day, but at least I have good preferences in video games. :)

          shit just wen I think you couldnt be any stupidier, you keep talking!

    Surprised at the sheer flood of 8's, 9's and 10's. Very much looking forward to this, the beta was a great amount of fun.

    This was the series that got me to buy an Xbox. I am so pumped for this game.

    I guess this is a prime example of a small thing amusing small minds.

    Lets see...

    Challanging gameplay? Uh no they wouldn't do that because the console boys would cry

    Graphics? Its on a console no need to say more...

    Unique Gameplay? Eh been done to a bore before...

    Multiplayer? Sure it has a good aspect but I doubt its going to be ground breaking fun...

    Story? What story? Its man vs aliens, how 1980's of you! Snore...

    Bottom line is this is a prime example of an over hyped game just like ahh gee HALO was and they lick it up like its mothers milk.

    They acting like this is the most perfect game that was ever made. Why do we need to make anymore games now that we finally got a game that is 100% perfect. Everybody close up shop we have hit our target of making the best game ever!

    O but wait then how will we make more money, lets DLC the shit out of it or even better bring on Gears of War 4. Why not milk the little kiddies for every dollar they are worth hey. I'm sure the parents don't mind coughing up the bucks for shit like this. And this my friends is why the gaming industry is doomed...

      Some typical master race BS right there.

        Skidd, what in your book is a good game?

        And no one is calling this the most perfect game ever made. The Gears series (for what it is, a third person cover based shooter) has always been the benchmark in that little sub-genre that it popularized. What do you call third person cover based shooters these days in laymans terms? A GEARS CLONE. That's how you define success these days. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

        Also, industry doomed? You're retarded. Your insanely elitist attitude is just that. Elitist. Which puts you in the minority, not the majority. The industry isn't doomed because people are still going to buy Gears, even if the vocal minority (like yourself) don't like it.

        Challenging gameplay: Have you played it?

        Graphics: They're damn pretty games. They're not Crysis, but then again, my 360 didn't cost 2000$, even at release.

        Multiplayer: At this point, they're not going for ground breaking. They're iterating. They're taking what worked and making it better. Like every PC FPS since Quake.

        Story: I get that you're pretty much trolling but I'll bite. It actually has a story. Granted, it's there to frame the gameplay, like any good game story should but it's still there and still worth paying attention to.

        I'm not going to argue about Halo. Again, Halo is just an example of iteration. Take what works, make it better.

          Man, story is one of the reasons I'm so amped for Gears 3!

            Ditto. I want to find out why Marcus was in prison in the first place. I also play for the story. I don't really like shooters (aside from schmups) but I love gears. X3

              He was sent to prison because he disobeyed orders and went to rescue his father.

      "Its man vs aliens, how 1980′s of you! Snore…"

      Actually, it takes place on the planet Sera. From a human point of view it's alien vs alien.

      Also, your post comes across really snobby. Like the gaming equivalent of somebody who only cares for arthouse films. Gears 3 is a summer blockbuster, it might not bring anything to the table but it is still enjoyable to a lot of people.

        Skidd's post makes me want to buy this game. Bad.

        Maybe he's been hired by Epic as some sort of really convoluted reverse-psychology thing. If so, it's working.

        Actually, I'm almost certain that Earth does not exist in the Gears universe. Sera is the planet where humans came to exist. No space travel or anything.

        Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but they've not mentioned Earth or space travel once in the series.

      I'm no Gears of War fanboy (can barely remember GoW2's storyline) but it's pretty obvious this comment is from someone who hasn't played either Gears of War on Insane.

      Shit will make you cry your sissy ass back WoW, son

        Kotaku is filled with uneducated comments.

      Whats the bet that you've probably never even played the game?

      "Challanging gameplay? Uh no they wouldn’t do that because the console boys would cry"

      Bit rich coming from someone who clearly found year 4 spelling challenging ;)

    looks like gay porn to me

      It's a Bleszinski game, he's into that kind of thing. The game is full of homo erotic stuff like massive tight buns.

      I just try to focus on people's heads and think of home.

    Meh. It'll be exactly the same as the first and second games.

      Got the first one because of the hype.... suffered lugging a hulking mass of flesh through peep and shoot levels .. nothing fresh nothing new.

      Fell for the hype AGAIN on the second one thinking 'geeze I must be crazy, how could everyone like this and it be bad ?' and suprise suprise it was as bland and lifeless and dull as the first one.

      Third time round I have zero interest, give me something fresh.. something new .. something different that actually justifies the amount of time a game takes to play.

      9's and 10's ? please...

    Can't wait :)

    Still can't beleive they are trying to sell weapon skins individually though, thats just pathetic on Epic's part

    I always thought the locust were native to Sera and we were the aliens, ya know from all the invading from underground rather than space and all.

    Or did I miss something.

      In Gears 2 Ben Carmine mentions that the Locust didn't originate on Sera, and instead may have come from elsewhere, I think a moon on some other planet?

      I am so excited for Gears 3. Call me easy pleased but the beta was amazing. It felt awesome being able to play Gears multiplayer without any lag for once. Gears 1 and 2 were just massive lag fests cause of Americans, in Gears 3 I've had next to no problems whatsoever. Basically was the thing that made me buy this game at the end of the day.

    All I see here are pc elitists who pirated the first game and didn't like it.

      All I see in the above comment is a butthurt console fanboi who doesn't like people expressing opinions about his poor widdle gears of warsy.

    Well, not owning an Xbox I'm not going to play it. Haven't played the others so can't comment on how good they are.

    I would be curious to see reviews in, say 3 months. I recall everyone gushing over GTA4 when it came out - perfect scores everywhere - but when the hype died down the attitude changed to "it looks great and Rockstar built an amazing world but the gameplay is kinda dull".

    Not saying that GoW3 is like this, but big games tend to come out with huge scores so often now that I tend to tune out perfect 10 after perfect 10.

      Can't really see this happening..

      Gears 3 has legs for miles with the competitive multiplayer and horde/beast modes.

      I still play Gears 1 and 2 Multiplayer on the reg.

    I never understood why this game was so popular, to say it is boring and entirely one dimensional is an understatement.

    I really enjoy GoW, and it's pretty awesome IMHO.

    But hey, if you don't like it, don't play it! Doesn't bother me a bit.

    Obviously Microsoft and Epic were supremely confident of their game as they imposed no review embargo and the reviews are out well before release.

    I can understand people looking at GOW 3 and not being enthused as it is hard to be interested 3rd time around. Franchise fatigue starts to set in.

    I enjoy GOW for its co-op features and will be getting it for that. Four player campaign plus Horde and Beast modes makes for an attractive offer for co-op fans.

    Goddamn I am looking forward to Gears 3. And that it is written by Karen Traviss only makes it that much better.
    Seriously, her novels are fantastic. They really add depth to what appear to be almost comically shallow characters ingame.

    And Gears 3 introduces Bernie Mataki! She's pretty awesome.

      Although I gotta say
      >Official Xbox Magazine
      >Giving a highly anticipated AAA game 100/100
      What a surprise!

    This game looks like great fun and some of you PC gamers are biased as ever

    Don't get me wrong, I like GoW. Not the most original concept but its a solid and fun shooter.

    HOWEVER seeing games getting 100/100 always upsets me. No Game, for that matter nothing, is ever perfect. Makes me wonder how many reviews are being payed for, and how many are being written my fan-boys eager to suck some serious GoW cock.

    Still gonna get it, but not expecting the one game to rule them all.

    I still think Kratos when I see "GoW"...

    but I started out this generation owning a 360 and I bought Gears of War as my very first 360 game. I played it for a bit, but I just couldn't get interested in it. I moved on to other games.

    Gears 2 hype got huge and I got that game on launch day hoping to 'discover the magic' that everybody else loves so much... Don't actually recall playing past the first level, though that was more to do with the guilt I felt over not actually finishing Gears 1... So I tried Gears 1 again and puttered out after a few more levels again...

    Maybe in 10 years I'll suddenly 'get it'... but until then y'all have fun now... ;-P Looks like this'll be a quality end to the series. (assuming it's actually an ending)

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