Generations Plumbs The Darkest Corners Of Sonic’s History

Generations Plumbs The Darkest Corners Of Sonic’s History

The problem with mining the rich and varied history of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise for Sonic Generations is that history includes this red and black jerk-off right here. For some, Shadow is a welcome addition to Generations. For others, he still signifies the looming death of a beloved series.

Shadow will appear as one of Sonic’s rivals in Generations, one of our heroes legendary enemies battling him on the stage of hedgehog history. Let’s hope he doesn’t bring a gun. If I had to pinpoint the moment the Sonic franchise stopped feeling like the Sonic franchise, Shadow the Hedgehog would be it.

“But hey, he was really cool in Adventure 2!” Oh, shut up.

Sonic Generations – Rivals [Sega Blog]


  • Now before you tell me to shut up, I have to point out a lot of people did think Shadow was cool in Sonic Adventure 2, the problem was [Spoilers for a ten year old game] They killed him off at the end of it. But due to I guess the unforeseen popularity of Shadow, Sonic Team decided to create a convoluted way to bring him back to life, only after that and the successive attempts to try to capitalise on the perceived coolness factor he had did people start to despise him. I feel that if Sega/Sonic Team had kept to their guns on their decision to kill him off and keep him dead, he would be far better received than he is now. [/end spoiler]

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. As soon as they brought Shadow back in Heroes (without any sort of explanation until the end of the next game, in a comment made by Eggman during a boss fight that could be missed if you finished the battle fast enough), it tarnished the entire story of SA2, and turned Shadow from a likeable character into one I couldn’t care less about.

      • Heroes had lots of hints. Like um…Shadow being extremely amnesiac and feeling to comment on it every time he talked. I personally prefer games make me find out things some times instead of going the super expository route and explaining everything from the get-go, but yeah you are right about it being bad if somebody beat eggman fast in the final battle. then they wouldn’t get the confimation.

  • Sonic became dragon ball Z as soon as shadow was popularised…

    the similarities were just too many. (didnt escape the notice of many flash artists)

    • The similarities were there since Sonic 2. The 6 Chaos Emeralds becoming 7 in line with the 7 Dragon Balls (which in turn ties to the standard mythological idea of 7 objects of power), Sonic gaining a Super form (which Yuji Naka has stated was a tribute to Akira Toriyama’s work), and so on.

      That being said, the archetypes have become a lot more pronounced since the Adventure series. Even more so now that we have both a Vegeta and Trunks representation in Shadow and Silver respectively, particularly with Naka’s sly remark in an interview before he left Sega about Silver possibly being a descendant of one of the secondary characters.

  • Shadow was great – in Sonic Adventure 2! He was all about Anti-Gravity skating, which sounds cheap, but comes off excellently!Sonic Adventure 2 has the greatest coolest character designs of all the Sonics, they were more “spiky,” the modern designs are too curved/cutesy for my liking, more Mario like than Sonic!

  • Clearly Knuckles for the win, not only was he the original rival for sonic but he’s an echidna for goodness sake. All Aussies should want him over shadow by default. Not to mention shadows blows.

    • Nothing at all. Who can forget Big The Cat with his disgustingly retarded voice that plagued the borefest that is Sonic Heroes?



      Apart from way too many useless characters. Nothing at all.

  • Surprisingly, I actually thought Shadow The Hedgehog (the game) was alright. However, I do think he should’ve stayed dead after SA2. Since then he’s just been used all over the place.

    And yes, Knuckles should be in.

    Generations hasn’t plumbed “the darkest corners of Sonic’s history” however until Sonic has to swing from vines whilst carrying a human princess who can create forcefields with her brain (2006).

  • im okay with this. Even though i would have like for this to be kept just Sonic VS Robotnik/Eggman i was certain that would not happen.

    As long as they dont have any more unessacary characters beyond Tails and Knuckles, this will be the first time in a long time that i am keen on a new Sonic game.

    And i for one am GLAD that other people agree with how Shadow should have been kept dead in S.A.2.

  • I’m trying to stay positive. This is a bad sign, but it’s still only a SIGN; it hasn’t caused any actual damage.

    Every Sonic game since Heroes has killed the game by adding in side mechanics that just weren’t related to speed. Even the Adventure games which many remember fondly for the Sonic, SA1 Tails and SA2 Shadow stages, were utter chores in between, for the same reasons as Heroes onwards.

    I wouldn’t care if Shadow rode a bike he stole off Silver while firing at you with an AK, and you had to stop him before he sold drugs to children; as long as the PLAYER is just using Sonic and running as fast as possible and not much else, I couldn’t care less.

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