Get A Good Look At The Posterior Of Nintendo's New 3DS Slide Pad Expansion Thing

Still curious about Nintendo's new aftermarket add-on for the Nintendo 3DS, the one that adds a second analogue stick, one more shoulder button and the need for an AAA battery? Yes, that one. Well here it is in the wild, snapped in all its ungainly glory at Nintendo's 3DS Conference 2011.

It's a bit thicker than I'd expected, but it still looks relatively comfortable. Kotaku's team in Tokyo will hopefully get their hands on the thing at this week's Tokyo Game Show, letting us all know just how it feels to cradle our new 3DS cradle.

For more details on the Nintendo 3DS Conference and a list of games confirmed to support the add-on, read Kotaku's coverage of yesterday's event.

Image: 4Gamer, My Game News Flash


    It also needs a AAA battery? This just keeps getting better.

      You know this device reminds me of this song

    I haven't said so before, but this is really, really awful. From a whole number of perspectives its a real blunder.

    Actually it adds 2 more shoulder buttons doesnt it? Bringing it in line with say a ps3 controller? It replaces one, leaves the other, and adds 2 big ones as triggers, giving a total of 4.

    Indeed. Now, is the AAA it comes with rechargeable, and does it charge when plugged into the adapter by any chance?

    Nintendo, you're really fscking failing fast here.

      thankyou alex perry! The 3ds seems to small to play for long periods of time as it is. This looks kinda comfy and will make it easier to play.

    The question I can't seem to find an answer to is; How does it actually interface with the 3DS? As far as I know, there's no port it can connect to, and I'm dreading it using wifi or something.

      Given the lack of ports, its got to be wifi right? Does this mean it can't be used on a plane?

        Actually... looks like it's covering the IR sensor, so maybe that's it...

          Bugger, I think your right! What does that mean for street pass!

            Nothing, because StreetPass doesn't use IR. Nothing does :/

    I thought this was a disaster, until I read about the battery. Then I was convinced that this will probably kill Nintendo's handheld division.

    Although this looks hideous, it looks ALOT more comfortable to hold than holding the 3DS itself. I always loose my grip and find it rather uncomfortable when holding the 3DS for a long period of time. I will definitely buy this peripheral when nintendo releases decent 3DS games compatible with this.

    Soooooo, it has a 2nd shoulder button?

    I wonder how that will affect (effect?) a 3DS redesign?

    And here comes the end of Nintendo's reign in the portable gaming market..

    I was thinking of buying a 3ds before but this just killed it for me. Regardless of the price cut, to spend the extra bucks for this monstrosity is just stupid.

    Although I'm not worried about the AAA batteries bit. You can buy cheapo rechargeable ones nowadays for $5.

    Yeah, pretty much convinced me to trade it in now. Have already wasted enough money. I'm not even playing 3DS games on it, as there aren't any decent ones around, only the older DS games... and Super Mario :P

    How hideous!!

    Look at the way the 3DS just fits in snugly and gives the device a more comfortable look (and I'm guessing, feel as well)! Look at how it just blends smoothly with the existing lines of the 3DS. Absolutely despicable...

    Wouldn't it of made more sense for this to have an extra battery in it than to require one?

    I mean, really, it's okay to make a not-good product, but when you cross the line into anti-good we start having issues.

      Actually, I thought originally that this was a replacement for the dock, with a batterey expansion in it... bit dissapointed to find it needs battereies.

    Perhaps the AAA battery will give the entire system more battery life?

    I actually like the triggers. The more I see it, the more im used to it. Im not gonna go & trade my 3DS in like sum drama queens, but try it at least.
    Am I the only one noticing with this, how close it now resembles a Wii U controller? With a 2nd slide pad & trigger buttons, this could be a great extra Wii U controller, which the japanese will eat up.

    I'm not really seeing a problem with this. Sure, the 3DS should of had the second analog stick from the start but it does open the possibilities for a new range of games that use it. I haven't purchased a 3DS yet but I will, and more than likely I'll be picking up this peripheral as well.

    Meh, it's optional, I'm not sure what the fuss is...

      We have seen attachments on handhelds before. Motion sensing...screen magnifying...battery attachment....additional light. Yeah, not sure why the adding of a periferal suddenly spells the doom of Nintendo.
      Isn't it still currently the best selling console on the market. What's the problem.
      I don't get it!

        The problem that this isn't a peripheral like the Move or Kinect is. It's more akin to the nunchuk for the Wii remote.
        I would be quite willing to bet that most future 3DS games will use this add-on, and that there'll be a redesigned 3DS with a second stick as standard.

          Ill take that bet...
          ...In my opinion nearly all games wont use it, at least not until the inevitable revision which has it built in.

          The only games I can think of that will require a 2nd analogue stick are FPS games. Fortunately I'm not interested in playing a FPS on a console, so I can save myself $15 and my device looking like James Bond's face.

      On further reflection, why was the addition of Kinect and Move not seen as the end for Microsoft and Sony games divisions.
      Why is there no argument for closing of Sonys and Microsoft gameing divisions when they seemingly are useless on the balence sheets of these big companies. Just thought i would throw some petrol on the fire like everybody else. I must admit it is fun!!!

        Nintendo are cool to hate at the moment. That's all.

          Just as Microsoft and Kinect were cool to hate six to twelve months ago.

        I've seen people make that argument about Sony and Microsoft, but fortunately they have non-gaming divisions to absorb losses (I think they're in the black now by the way), Nintendo does not.

          But are Nintendo making a loss?

            I'm not in a position to answer that, but Nintendo's shareholders are in revolt, so I'm guessing there are problems with dividends at least.

        Well the move and kinect didn't come out right after the console was released.

          No, Sony and Microsoft...they were much smarter.

          They waited till they had already lost the console sales race for the current gen before thinking it was time they did something about those silly casual gamers.....

    Whats the bet that this ends up costing alot more than the $19 your previous post on this mentioned. (looks like something marketers could justify a charge of at least $50 for)

      That was certainly spell the doom for Nintendo.
      However, thankfully our prices generally seem to match up to Japans. If not cheaper.

        That will*.

    It needs a battery too?


      There is actually no possible way for it to draw power from the 3DS.

      Due to the basic nature of a control stick, and the already low power consumption of IR, a single battery will last a long time.

    I love it! It's so cool. It makes me like my 3DS even more than before.

    Now that'll fit in your pocket!

      ironically, the whole thing is still smaller than a vita :))

    I love how much everyone is crying over this.

    You're getting THREE extra buttons and it looks like it will be more comfortable to hold than the 3DS itself.

    The battery will last for ages and it's OPTIONAL. If you don't want it, don't buy it.

      I'd agree with you, if there weren't games that will REQUIRE this. Also if it wasn't so big, required it's own AAA battery or smacked of total design oversight.

      But sadly, that's not the case.

        Isn't smaller than the vita even with this attachment? Also the AAA battery thing keeps the size and complexity of the thing to a minimum thus lowering the cost.

          "Isn't IT smaller than the vita even with this attachment?"

          Silly missing words.

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