Get Ready For Valve's 'Meet The DOTA Heroes'

Valve's series of "Meet the..." videos for Team Fortress 2 are some of the smartest, funniest clips this industry has ever seen. So it shouldn't surprise you that the company is looking at doing something similar for the upcoming DOTA 2.

"There are a lot of heroes in DOTA 2 — 105 so far, and we're gonna continue producing these videos. There's definitely something with this world," Valve's Erik Johnson told 1UP.

We got a look at something fancy with the game's first official trailer, released last month, but we're obviously going to be seeing a lot more of them in the months/years to come.

In addition to the videos, Johnson also said, "We definitely have stories that we're going to tell in DOTA, there's even a comic that's gonna be released", which shows Valve is deadly serious about its move into that medium following the recent reveal of its first compendium of in-house comics.

Wonder if there's room in the DOTA-verse for time-lapse and a jar of piss?

DOTA 2: How Valve Turned From Fanboys Into Developers For This Game [1UP]


    It's taken more than 4 years to do 9 videos.... so by that scale it'll require an average of .444 years a video, then in 46 2/3s years they'll be done with the 105 videos!

    and episode 3 STILL won't be done.

    I'm sure they'll internally set up a team just to specialize in "meet the team" videos... 105 is a lot. Wonder if they will do all 105; I think more realistically, they will do a smaller subset of the more popular/distinct characters.

    meet the pyro can be the new ep/hl 3

    They won't try an make the DOTA ones funny though right?

    Didn't Gamescom finish ages ago? Why is Kotaku US still posting videos from it?

    valve seem to pay attention to what their customers want more than many other companies, surely they must realize that everyone wants ep3, they will have to bring it out after this, if they dont they are being foolish. it should already be out :( HL2 is so damn old

      Valve's development model is based on staff engagement - we haven't heard anything about Episode 3 because not enough people at Valve want to make it happen. I can't blame them, honestly, it's hard to know what they could do with it that isn't a rehash of Episode 2.

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