Go Play Battlefield 3, Kids

Just a little public service announcement: the Battlefield 3 beta is now open to all and sundry on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Just remember: it's a beta, not a demo.


    No you...

    And beta's now day have been downgraded from its true meaning majority of the time into a term used by the Marketing department to promote the game and release a early access demo but has the following plus's over being a demo: 1. being that they can release it in a broken state and throw "Beta" term, but really they are gunning for high polish because average joe doesn't understand that and if its broken will tell there friends its broken and bam lost sales. 2. It makes gamers think that they are in the development process making you more likely to buy the game because you were involved in its development.

    Why is it that every game has a beta now? Yet we have seen more buggy games then ever.

    Anyways Origin is broken due to high traffic. So no BETA FOR YOU.

    I can't seem to download it, the button isn't lighting up. Is it not available to australia yet?

      Its definitely available here. mine finished downloading a while ago but its too laggy to play, move about 5 metres and after a few seconds im back where i started, hopefully it settles down or gets fixed after a bit

        on xbox* no idea about others

    took 10 minutes to login to origin... now store isnt even loading. and there is no option from the beta site..

      f**k it, gonna wait til it calms down...

    Downloading on ps3 now. Oh thank you kotaku.

    They should up a torrent for it to take the load off the servers

    Woo Hoo

    I like this - it seems like the Playstation mostly gets open Betas and the Xbox betas always require a code or a purchase of some other specific game so this is a refreshing change.

    EA servers are getting smashed right now... basically like a legit denial of service.

    Doesn't inspire much confidence in their server infrastructure.

    origin is doing shit now, best to get referal from bf3 site

    So far This beta is utter rubbish. Most of the time it won't go past a black screen for me, and when it does the gameplay is beyond glitchy.

    Maybe things will improve after a day or two when so many people aren't all trying to play it at once.

    As silly as it might sound to some, I'm passing on this because I have to use *shudder* Origin.

    Steam or GTFO, EA! :D

      Very noble.. I'll let you know how awesome it is.

    Too late for me... Shall try it tomorrow on my ps3 and pc, but I think their might be an even larger load due to more people being aware of it... Ahh well

    internode have it mirrored for aussie users and a guide for getting it set up.

    games.on.net ftw

    but yeah been having fun, haven't played battlefield since bf2 so i have a learning curve to get used to but i've enjoyed the time i've played so far.

    No server browser, gonna have to wait until release to find out if they bothered with their promise of Australian servers.

    I'm going to skip the beta...

    and the full release...

    My Internet resets on Sunday so until then I can't download it anyways. And I don't place much faith in EA''s servers...lately I cant play bfbc 2 online at all and only connect half the time to servers through NHL 12.
    EA, get your s**t together!!

    Is anyone having the problem with freezing on PC in the middle of the game, or the game just quiting back to the server screen? While the game is great, it's really starting to piss me off

    I'm just having problems with stuttering. My PC should run it fine, but no matter what video settings I choose, any sort of movement behaves like lag...I don't think it's lag though, because I was supposedly in a server with 25ms ping (seems like there's no way of checking whilst in-game, but that's what the server browser said) and there wasn't any noticeable input lag.

    The lack of menu and in-game server browser is a horrible idea.

    Tried for about 30-45 mins and couldn't even get into a game. Either lossing connection to EA error message, or lost connection to server. lol

    Will try again after the weekend i think, when hopefully they've sorted some of the issues out

    Played a little on PS3 after work last night and although I had no issues with connection or lag I did find it hard to adapt to the crouch/ prone button setup. Also, I can see this being a particularly challenging transition from BC2. The recoil of weapons seems much more accentuated and the player movements add an element of realism as the screen shakes around rather violently.

    For some reason though, I could not recieve or send invites to a mate. Well, the game acknowledged I sent the invite, but my friend insists he couldn't find them. Is this some sort of limitation in the beta I wasn't aware of, or is my mate just useless?

    Either way, it'll be painful but I cannot wait to get stuck in!!!

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