GoldenEye 007: Reloaded Stealth Walkthrough

In the lead-up to its October release, Activision has given the world an eight-minute glimpse of a new Stealth Walkthrough gameplay video for GoldenEye 007: Reloaded.

The highly anticipated remake of the 1997 classic is due next month and stars Daniel Craig's James Bond instead of the original Pierce Brosnan. It will be released on the Xbox 360 and PS3.

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    Bah humbug! Pierce Brosnan or bust!

    Also, is there a pacifist achievement? :P

      In a bond game?, it should be as likey as a monogamy achievement.

    Won't be doing this facility in under 2:00 for Invincibility. Looks good tho. One for next October is all Dark Souls and Rage.

      I still recall the horror of unlocking that cheat. Stands with the mile high cheev from CoD4. [shudder]

        Yep, that was my first major accomplishment in a almost ended me, but man did it feel good getting it.

    Ahhhh yes gampeplay! That old chestnut ;-)

    Highly anticipated by who? I don't know anyone that wants to even touch this.

      Oh I'll touch it, as I'm sifting through the bargain bin in EB.

      I'm grabbing it over MW3/BF3. Just a bit tired of the modern day military shooters and I'm also after a split screen multi game so this fits the bill nicely.

        Well you're gonna be dissapointed then. It is definately a modern day military shooter and the multi is exactly as Call of duty multi

    is there any other improvements besides graphics and controls?

    man im pick this up i think. really need a change from the constant scenery of Cod and every other modern day shooter.

    Looks meh. Where's the classic music from the film? Where's the Soviet motif? Why are the guards just dudes with black shirts? Why are they armed with AK-47s and not AK-74s or AK-74Ms? WHERE THE HELL IS SEAN BEAN?

    waiting for this game . very very excited

    Wtf did I just watch? That was NOT the level I remember from the original game, only similarity it had was the vent and the toilet but even then the bathroom looked different and everything else wasn't recognisable at all :/

    This is just the Wii reimagining running at a higher resolution with more of the engine's bells and whistles switched on.

    It's not a true remake of the original. That wasn't allowed.

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