Good Meat Sets The Tokyo Game Show Ablaze

At the Arc System Works booth, Tokyo Game Show attendees could do more than watch players duke it out in Persona 4 The Ultimate In Mayonaka Arena. They could also watch Ushijima Ii Niku (aka Ushijima "Good Meat"), one of the country's most famous cosplayers, duke it out with cameras.

Cosplaying as Noel Vermillion, Good Meat held a photo session and appeared in a stage event dressed as Makoto Nanaya.

Also below are photos of the "Erotic Costume Mania" cosplay event held the wee before Tokyo Game Show where she tag-team cosplayed as well as some publicity shots dressed as BlazBlue characters.

For more information about Ushijima, check out Kotaku's Good Meat profile or her NSFW site.

Watermarked photo:; other photos: Ushijima Ii Niku


    Damn at work :(

    Underboob and Cheek-peeks go a long way... but she's getting her paw-prints all over that screen! Gah!

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