Guns! Guns! Guns! A Tour Of The Call Of Duty XP Armory

Hey, you like guns? Then you should really be at Call of Duty XP this weekend. They got guns! Lots of 'em. They even have a FGM-148 Javelin and an alien head. Just head to "The Armory." Or take a journey with me through the magic of photo galleries!

The various arsenals of many Call of Duty games are represented at the XP expo's Armory, from Call of Duty: World At War to Modern Warfare 3. Men dressed as Vietcong, men dressed as Navy SEALs and men dressed as Makarov thinly populate the Armory, intimidating you with nasty looks and huge rifles. But it's all in good fun.

If you can't make it to Call of Duty XP this weekend and enjoy looking at firearms behind chainlink fences, get an eyeful in the gallery above.


    would i be a killjoy if i said an alien like that couldn't possibly exist as it would be evolutionarily inconvenient and pointless to have that many teeth?

    I mean.. all those real guns, they should have some real aliens.


      Wouldn't be evolutionarily convenient here on earth...elsewhere though is another matter. For instance, the teeth above the mouth could be to aid in biting through it's main food source which could have an odd body structure that renders a normal two rows of opposing teeth useless. :P

        What about the teeth in the middle of it's face? what are they useful for? lol

          Look at like a Mach 5 razor. Like I said it's primary source of food might have some bizarre body structure therefore making the Mach 5 mouth a necessity lol

            Or the face teeth could be their equivalent to plummage or antlers in the "showing off to get a mate" sense.

            They could also be retractable teeth.

          The size of the forward portion of the skull looks very similar to the type of bone dome a number of dinosaurs would have, and those dinosaurs would use them to headbutt things until they stopped bleeding(though they used the top of thier heads, not the front). Given this, it's reasonable to assume headbutting as a defense mechanism, and the centeral teeth look placed in a way that they could be used to latch in, locking it's face onto the target, then using it's lower jaw to chew slowly in, kind of like a leech.

        Evolutionary speaking they would probably be like sharks teeth. New ones keep growing and gradually shift down into the mouth.
        Maybe the reason they're outside the mouth is to 'harden them up' due to some toxic atmosphere or as a defensive mechanism.


        What did I just write?
        I blame having the Bill Brysons audiobook A Short History of Nearly Everything in my car for the last few weeks.

      Chuloopa why you hatin 4 ?

    They should have set it up like the museum in Modern Warfare 2. That would've looked pretty cool.

    i bet heaps of people Walked by the ak-74u and spat on it :P

    What does the alien have to do with COD anyway?

      It's from Black Ops Zombie game modes.

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