Halo 2's 'Headlong' Gets Stunning Anniversary Makeover

With excellent sniping spots and what amounts to a vehicular combat arena at the bottom, Halo 2's "Headlong" multiplayer map is reborn as "Breakneck" in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. Bask in the glorious gameplay footage and screens, plus get a peek at the very first Halo campaign level in all its remastered glory.

Making its big debut at the Tokyo Game Show, "Breakneck" is a map where between 7-15 players will get sniped in the face by me. "Headlong" was one of the few Halo 2 maps I felt confident playing on, and its return in November's big remake couldn't be more welcome.

Microsoft is also showing off the first level of the original Halo, "Pillar of Autumn", giving players and press a chance to meet Master Chief for the first time all over again.

You can read more about "Breakneck" in today's edition of the Halo Bulletin, which also features details on next month's big Halo: Reach title update.


    this level promises to be a complete different experience with the use of the reach perks, I can already see the places where I will get killed.

    That's pretty sweet, definitely my favorite Halo 2 map.

    I like this video. Those cinematic flythroughs only get you so far. It's great to see some actual footage of what the game will play like. (And it's realistic footage too! The player actually missed a few shots!)

    I'm rather happy they fixed Chief's armour from the original release footage..

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