Handful Of New PS Vita Games Leak Out

At this year's Tokyo Game Show, there will be around 40 PS Vita games. Forty. And the machine isn't even out! Some of the games have already been revealed. Some haven't.

Leaks from this week's forthcoming issue of Japanese game magazine Famitsu shed light on some of the new titles. Here's a list of what's in the publication:

Lumines: Electronic SymphonyRaymon OriginsMichael Jackson The Experience HDDark QuestSumioniDream Club Zero PortableMoe Moe DaisensouRagnorak Odyssey

Lumines is one of my favourite PSP titles and a logical Vita title. Ubisoft is bringing both Rayman Origins and Michael Jackson The Experience to PS Vita. Dream Club Zero Portable looks to be a port of Xbox 360 hostess game Dream Club Zero, while Moe Moe Daisensou is this.

There's a Gameloft app called Dark Quest, but Ubisoft is publishing this title, so it could be a different Dark Quest.

Ragnorak, a hugely popular online title, is getting a PS Vita version, enabling gamers to hunt down big monsters with various character classes.

2D action title Sumioni from Tokyo-based studio Acquire looks to be one of the more interesting titles, like it was drawn with digital ink. The art style is one of the most arresting I've seen in a while, very Japanese, very beautiful. The game uses "brush touch action", so it could stir up fond Okami memories for players.

他Vita最新情報 [左から右へてけと~読み]

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List of PS Vita games


    Ragnarok not Ragnorak

    Lumines will be in my pants as soon as its released ;)

    Sweet, Raymon! My favourite reggae platformer!

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