Has Your World Of Warcraft Account Been Hacked? Watch This

Having your World of Warcraft account compromised is a terrible thing which, upon discovery, might seem like the end of the world. Do not despair. Instead, press play and let the soothing British narrators of Blizzard customer service lull you gently to sleep.

Blizzard has launched its customer service YouTube channel, recruiting some reassuring Brits to lend a calm voice to our concerns over topics such as being hacked, account security, and using the Blizzard mobile authenticator. You can almost feel the indignant rage and hopeless fear draining away as they explain how to contact customer support and where to find recommended antivirus progrums.

Blizzard Customer Support Videos [YouTube]


    Blaurgh - Blizz ruined WoW with Cata/Money grubbing/wtf no LAN for SC2/Diablo 3 real money AH/WoW sucks/pwn noobs.

    Now that's all taken care of, please feel free to actually comment on the content of the video.

      I hacked my own account. )=

      Well kinda, haven't logged in for forever and now I can't find my authenticator. XD

    Have you ever tried ringing customer support? The queues are days, yes, days, long.

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