Hate Map Packs? You’ve Got Nobody To Blame But Yourselves (Or Your Friends)

Hate Map Packs? You’ve Got Nobody To Blame But Yourselves (Or Your Friends)

Whenever a multiplayer game’s map packs are revealed- and Call of Duty is often the worst offender in this regard – people on the internet wail and gnash their teeth. And rightly so, in many respects, since you’re rarely getting much value for your dollar.

All that wailing counts for naught, though, because as far as Call of Duty is concerned, many of you went out and bought the damn packs anyway.

Activision revealed today that it’s sold 18 million map packs for Call of Duty Black Ops. At $US15 a pop, that’s a lot of easy money for the publisher, so much so that as Gamasutra points out it means the average Black Ops player has spent $US76 on the game since first picking it up.

OK, so maybe you didn’t go out and buy them. Maybe your boss did, or your bro, or your bro’s bro. Still. You want publishers to stop stumping you for a few maps, don’t write angry messages anonymously on internet forums. Go tell your bro’s bro’s boss to stop buying map packs!

Activision Blizzard Reports Digital Sales Growth, 18M Black Ops Map Pack Sales [Gamasutra]


  • With the amount of time the average COD player spend playing the game, the map packs aren’t necessarily overpriced. I’ve got friends that play up to four or five nights a week for the entire year. So $20 or so every few months isn’t a huge investment.

  • I played BOps. I really enjoyed BOps. I did not buy a single map pack.
    But then I played Bad Company 2. I loved Bad Company 2 so I grabbed Onslaught and Vietnam. Though I got them both on special.

  • that some easy 180 or so million dollars profit right there since they were most likely all made before the game shipped. The same case will be for MW3 and the same with heaps of games.

    Like Mega64 why dont they cut to the case and release DLC: The game already.

  • I just hate the way they divide the player pool. I was loving ‘War For Cybertron’ multiplayer, but when the map pack got released, which I refused to buy, I couldn’t find a damn match anymore! It kept kicking me out of lobbies – which basically killed the game for me.

    Similarly, I got a few of the Black Ops maps, but always ended up deleting them because I got sick of playing the same people over and over. Also the map pack players tend to be a bit better than the general pool. Sometimes you just wanna play noobs and go 30-0.

  • i know they milk us, but if you get a year’s worth of fun out of a $80 game, and spend a bit more to get a fresh set of playspaces, then I think they’ve earned their money for that.

    • The porblem is that you shouldn’t have to pay any extra because it probably only took them a couple of days to whip up that crap

  • I go by how often I play the game. I play Halo all the time, so I bought the map packs for those games. I rarely play CoD, so I never really buy the maps, even on special.

  • Yeah the value that way isn’t so bad.

    But 100’s of free community maps was way more, and while they weren’t always as good there was at least as many that were and they were still free.

    I like what valve did with the map stamps to support community mappers.

  • Yeah they’re overpriced – but at the same time, they may not be much value to someone like Luke Plunkett (what pleases him anyway?) but it could be money well spent for another who may get hours upon hours worth of time playing them?!

    Each to their own, respect that!

  • As the article says, wail and gnash your teeth as much as you want and say things like “they should be free”, but the fact is people are buying them. Everything is worth what people are prepared to pay for it. They’re selling well, therefore they’re not overpriced.

  • Oxygen is something I use (quite often I might add), so I don’t mind spending $20 a month for it.

    Whatever happened to expansions dammit! I’ll take a Shivering Isles over 4-5 map packs any day.

  • The last map-pack I bought was for World at War… my dad and I used to play online together when I lived in Maryland. It was fun.

    He’s a much bigger CoD fan than I am… which admittedly isn’t saying much, I play the campaigns and usually then I’m done… but I don’t think he even has the two most recent games because he saw MW2 in the store and said “… so what’s different?” 😛

    I was so proud in that one moment.

  • I buy a game, thats all I’m spending on it, besides the hours it takes to complete of course. DLC is a fucking ripoff for any game as far as I’m concerned once you buy it. If I pay the money and its on the disc, it’s my property. I’m not paying again for something I already bought, and this kind of shit falls right into that category. People are stupid and will continue to buy the shit though so it’ll never change.

  • People should vote with their goddamn wallets and show a bit of taste. If you keep paying money for these map-packs, they’ll keep charging for them, with a smile on their faces.

    Map packs should be free like most other games that don’t wind up causing fragmentation within their userbase and forcing players to constantly fork out to stay up to date.

  • Which is why i no longer play COD online or buy any DLC. I used to love COD, but these days I just don’t feel the urge to buy the map packs. Where as Battlefield will have me buying them instantly

  • The only reason I play black ops is for zombies. This of course means I’m one of the bro’s buying the DLC (only got 2 so far but will get them all) and ruining it for everyone else. Worst part about it is I literally play 1 map out of the whole pack. Prob seems stupid but I really love Zombies modes. Haven’t even touch regular single player or multi just zombies all the way

  • Clearly people believe map packs and other add ons enrich the game for them so they’re going to buy them. I’ve got all the Halo map packs that have ever been released and played the hell out of them and felt like i got value for money.

    I’d be more interested in getting figures for content packs like Mass Effect and Red Dead Redemption that don’t expand multiplayer to see how many people get those. I know I’ve DLed content packs I haven’t even got round to using yet. They’re the invisible additions to my ‘to play’ pile.

  • “Map packs should be free like most other games that don’t wind up causing fragmentation within their userbase and forcing players to constantly fork out to stay up to date.”

    couldn’t agree more

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