HD Re-Release Of Devil May Cry Trio Looks More Likely Than Ever

Earlier this year we published a rumour that the first three games in Capcom's famed Devil May Cry series would be getting an HD re-release.

Today, G4 reports that all three games have been rated by the ESRB for release on both the PS3 and the Xbox 360. It's looking more likely than ever that we'll soon be adding another storied franchise to the list of games that we're surprisingly excited to buy for a second time at higher resolutions.

Tokyo Game Show 2011 is next week. Announcements on the way?

Devil May Cry 1, 2, And 3 Rated By ESRB For The PS3 And Xbox 360 [G4]


    Oh good, I've been looking forward to this. Will DMC3 be the Special Edition, where you can play as Vergil?

      The ESRB rating listed DMC3: Dantes Awakening, not special edition, which is a damm shame.

    I hope this outsells the new DMC by 10:1 so capcom knowns what a stupid decision it was to reboot it.

      But what if the new game turns out to be good?

        It could be an good game. It could be. But the odds are against it. Heavily against it.

        it will be a good game. but not a Devil May Cry.

    So DMC3 won't be the Special Edition... No big loss I guess since the Vergil mission was lacking in much additional content. He didn't even have his own cutscenes or ending. Didn't have much of a large move set.

    What Capcom should of been doing was expanding the features to make it worthwhile. I wouldn't of rebought DMC3S after DMC3 had I of known what little extra I would of gotten.

    So I assume DMC2 hasn't been improved in anyway except for graphically. Would of been the perfect opportunity to fix it.

    FiNally, next waiting for final fantasy collection

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