Here Are Some Gears Of Wars 3 Maps We Didn't Know About

That is, until somebody spotted them on the Gears 3 leaderboards. The maps are titled "Azura", "Blood Drive" and "Rustlung". They're apparently not playable and are probably upcoming DLC.

Gears of War 3 was released in North America on September 20 to much fanfare. The game does have unlockable content, but like so many recent games, it also apparently has DLC waiting in the wings.

Kotaku is following up with Epic Games.

Gears 3 [YouTube]


    what a load anything that is ready on release day should be released and then anything created after can be considered ripe for DLC. its wrong that they now hold back maps just to charge you a little extra. so glad i hadnt purchased gears 3 yet and now i dont have to. guess ill pick a "real" copy up from Hong Kong

      This guy speaks the truth.

      This is one of the reasons I don't bother with DLC, it was great till companies started abusing it, which didn't take long at all.

      DLC is a part of the development process nowadays. Downloadable content is planned for and often created at the same time as other parts of the game.

      So, because their dlc schedule doesn't meet your approval you're going to pirate it? You just keep making excuses for yourself there.

    Aww not Blood Drive again! Always hated that map

      Hmm, though now that I think of it, might be really good for horde... Okay I'm back to wanting it again now

    There maps have been known for awhile and have been playable nearly as long. It's for this reason I have haven't purchased the season pass, because these maps should have been a free download at launch day.

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