Here's What PlayStation Vita Box Art Looks Like

Spotted at Sony's TGS booth, this fine copy of Uncharted for the upcoming PlayStation Vita. I like the blue! it also blends in nicely with the newer PS3 game boxes.


    Wow, I thought NDS game boxes were ridiculous in size compared to the carts - this is even worse!

    Lots of room for nice box art though.

      Lots of room for nice logos though.

      Fixed! :p



        Hmm, that's discouraging :p (I don't play PS3, so I've never really looked at the boxes).

    I can see myself dropping that little data card on the rug and with one wrong step...CRUNCH!! :)

      It would be more durable than a disk.

        Yes, but disks are a lot easier to spot than a tiny SD card.

        I was going with it being so small I can't see it type of destruction, but good call.

          small means easily portable too though. you could fit heaps in a standard size case

    Way to reduce the impact of the boxes Sony...

      I bet they have a bulk discount on boxes that size for PS3 they save money by using the same ones for any Sony system.

        but they wouldn't be the same boxes, they would have to have a different clip thing in the middle to hold the cartridge.

    UN-CHA-A-TE-DO! Or Unchartered to those that can't read Katakana.

      Actually its more like AN-CHAA-TE-DDO. Or Uncharted to those that can't read Katakana.

    how much data do these carts hold?

      For now, either 2GB or 4GB, but there will likely be bigger ones available to the devs later in the life of the Vita.

    Too much blue.

    i was expecting PS3 cases that have been re branded for the vita. I like the see though. Tho i rather have full size cases, its better when housing them with your ps3 games.

    Is the game sleeve actually blue, or is it the glass cabinet it's enclosed in? By the looks of it, the case will be slightly larger than the 3/DS

    What's the hell you guys talking?
    The Vita box is smaller than PS3 one.

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