Here’s Why The New XCOM Is Nothing Like The Old X-COM

Here’s Why The New XCOM Is Nothing Like The Old X-COM

XCOM is no X-Com. That is to say, don’t expect the upcoming first-person shooter XCOM from 2K Marin to be a new version of turn-based strategy classic X-Com. Why?

In this video, the developers talk us through some of their reasoning, all while walking us through the game’s back-story, technology and gameplay.

The idea, they tell us, is that this game is meant to be an origin story. The developers want to make you feel what it’s like to be one of the squad members in the game, and not the top-down commander.

Fair enough, but I’d still love a new version of that strategy game. Could you make that one next please?


  • So what they’re basically saying is, this game is not X-Com.

    Well bravo to them, because there just aren’t enough games where you play as a human soldier fighting against an alien invasion.

    • To be fair, this isn’t the first time this has happened. XCOM: Interceptor and XCOM: Enforcer both broke the strategy mould.

      However it is also fair to say that those games sucked, and we really want a remake of the original XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

    • They should learn from the makes of Deus Ex: HR. Taking a well-loved classic Game Of The Year level game and making a new instalment in the same style but with the benefit of modern technology- better graphics, voice acting, more sophisticated terrain stuff, more complicated base management and political stuff, etc etc.

  • Seems like a lousy excuse…
    Why cant they just come out & say “everybody’s doing it, we just wanna be popular!”
    Coming Soon…..Tetris Rebooted……as an FPS!

  • I think that the game looks good, but like the article says it’s not an “X-Com” game.

    I can completely get behind a game that’s meant to be a new experience set in a beloved universe. I just don’t like that they seem to almost think of this game as superceding the old ones. If they just gave it a subtitle and said it was “from the X-Com universe” I’d be happy.

    It’s kind of like Final Fantasy Tactics. Is it an FF game? Not really. But it’s great, and it fits within the FF universe.

    • God, I hope not. X-COM: UFO Defense WAS the origin story.

      Publishers, stop raping my beloved franchises.

    • I’ve no idea why X-Com even needed an origin story, when the aliens attack in Enemy Unknown it’s a pretty surprising thing. No one ever mentioned the crap we had to deal with 60 years ago.

  • this is not realistic like CoD – I think story will not be as good, CoD has best weapons and graphics.


    /serious hat

    Looks like fun, at least its something a bit different -> variety = spice of life…

  • It’s all in the DNA right… as in the X-COM DNA runs through this title.. they said it… does it??..

    You know, you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.

    I am so sick of being paid lip service by 2K on how ‘X-COM’ this game is… it simply isn’t.

    We aren’t kids.
    It’s a shameless cash grab.
    And yeah, we really need another ‘shootah’.

    Thanks 2K, bravo.

  • Well I need to say that I am at least interested in seeing how this develops now. They at least seem to be keeping with the most basic of x-com concepts.

    Squad based, research, selectable missions for world map.
    So they changed a few things (everything not list in my previous sentence).
    Seems like the game could be interesting so I’ll see how it rates

  • Y’know what this reminds me of? A 60’s skinned Mass Effect. Swap the Normandy with the HQ, Galaxy Map with the US map, Elyrium for E-zero, far-future with near-past, switch it to first person, and you’ve got yo’self a little XCOM action.

    Good thing? Maybe, but certainly not the turn-based tactics I’m looking for.

  • Origin story my fucking ass. X-COM: Enemy Unknown/UFO Defense WAS the origin story. It’s made pretty clear that nothing like it had happened in the game world’s setting before, so how is this piece of shit game an “origin story”?

    You’re not even playing as X-COM agents. It’s the freaking FBI.

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