Hey Kids, Don't Eat Your Xbox 360; Eat Tim Schafer's Instead

This promotional video for Double Fine's Once Upon a Monster teaches children several important lessons. For instance, look how well cookies fit inside the Xbox 360 DVD drive. Bet they hadn't thought of that.

Not only is the Xbox 360 a handy place to store snacks, it also acts as a snack itself, it's circuit board innards magically transforming into coiled wires that had never seen the inside of a real console. It bears noting that when your children do bite down on the Xbox 360, their teeth marks will be exaggerated in cartoon fashion, even if they are a puppet that doesn't technically have teeth.

I'm joking, of course. If your child is a puppet with no teeth, seek medical attention immediately.


    Pro tip: They use ricecakes painted like cookies, not real cookies.

    Is it wrong i want to pick up kenick juts for this game ? Im not even a parent.....

    Stealing from the fast reporting Aussie Edition again Kotaku US?

    Find UNREPORTED stories. You end up looking as lame as US TV stations remaking foreign TV shows.
    (Kath And Kim, Thank God You're Here, Red Dwarf, Doctor Who[1996]...)

    [Australian post time: August 30th, 07:15PM by American EST]

      (Bloody autocorrect - August 30th should read 31st.)

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